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How to speed up Internet connection

What are the guidelines to speed up Internet connection on your PC?

Internet connects billions of computers around the world. These connected computers can share data and information with each other. There are no complicated procedures involved in using Internet connectivity on a system and if the Internet connection on your PC is slow, working with Internet would be very difficult. The slow Internet connectivity would result in the download getting disconnected and the webpage getting timed out. This would also result in monetary loss if users were involved in some online transactions. There are many different software that can be used to speed up the Internet connectivity of your system. SThese software modifies or tweaks the registry settings of Windows computers to speed up the Internet connectivity. Such software would also disable any unwanted network related service or application running in the system background and help speed up the overall connectivity speed of the system. Some of these softwares are also known to have the capabilities to prevent the connection from getting terminated.

Following details gives users more information regarding causes of slow Internet connection:

  • Malware infections

  • Bandwidth consumption

  • Server errors

Malware infections

One of the major reasons as to why Internet connectivity of a computer gets slowed down is because of malware infections. Malware infections such as spyware and Trojans are capable of slowing down the Internet connection speed by sending out information from the system and downloading new malware into the system consuming all of the bandwidth. Removing malware from the system would solve such issues.

Bandwidth consumption

Very large numbers of applications and services can be installed and run on your computer. Some of them might be Internet related and majority of all programs are designed to update themselves by default. If users have installed very large numbers of such applications and they are all updating or doing something related to the network, the bandwidth of the Internet connection would be consumed resulting in slow down. Disabling such applications or turning off automatic updates would solve such problems.

Server errors

Another reason for slow Internet connectivity of your PC is server errors. If the default DNS server in use is having some errors, the Internet connection would be badly affected. Server error issues can be resolved by changing the default server in use from the Internet service provider to a more reliable DNS server such as Open DNS or Google DNS.

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