Enabling an Internet connection in Windows® 7

How do you enable an Internet connection in Windows 7?

Microsoft has ensured that Windows 7 is capable of providing a fast and secure Internet connection. It is very easy to setup an Internet connection in Windows 7. It also supports wireless Internet connectivity which allows you to connect to the Internet without the troubles of wires. Windows 7 provides excellent security features against viruses while you are surfing the Internet. Windows Defender is a free virus protection software from Microsoft that can prevent the attack of malicious programs. You can also get updates for this program from Microsoft website, if you have a registered copy of Windows. Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7 delivers fast and secure browsing.

Ways to set up an Internet connection Windows 7:

  • Setting up an Internet connection

  • Error in connection

  • Use troubleshooter

Setting up an Internet connection

Before setting up Internet connection in your computer ensure that you have a modem and an account with the Internet Service Provider (ISP). After connecting all the hardware accessories required for Internet connection select the “Control Panel” from the “Start” menu. In the Control Panel double click on the “Network and Internet” option and then on the “Network and Sharing Center”. There you will see the “Set up a connection or network” command. Click on this and select “Connect to the Internet”. Now follow the instructions on the Internet wizard that appears to setup the Internet connection.

Error in connection

Sometimes when you try to access Internet using Windows 7, you will get an error message which asks the user to check the connection settings. Such errors can occur due to several reasons. An improper connection with the hardware components can produce such a message. If your Internet setting has changed or is corrupt due to an attack from a virus you will not be able to access the Internet. You can use antivirus software to clear the infectious programs and also correct the Internet setting to get an Internet connection.

Use troubleshooter

Windows 7 provides a troubleshooter to help you clear the general problems that can arise with the Internet connection. You can open the troubleshooter by clicking the “Network and Internet” icon on the “Control Panel”. Then click on the “Troubleshooter” to open up the Internet troubleshooting wizard. Now a list of topics will appear and you can click on them to get assistance.

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