Internet Problems in Windows® 7

Are you puzzled with different Internet problems that can occur in Windows 7 system?

Windows 7 is the latest operating system introduced by Microsoft, which includes a number of advanced features like, live media steaming, XP Mode, fast booting, Blu-ray Disc support, etc. Windows 7 supports network virtualization. Windows 7 comes with a range of themes, different sound effects and colors. Windows 7 allows live steaming of videos within the media player. Windows 7 is available in six editions, such as Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. Additional features include Windows search, Snap, Jump List, etc. Hidden partition in Windows 7 is used to save some essential files and bootable files. You can easily connect your Windows 7 system to the Internet. However, you may at times face some problems while using the Internet.

Following are the details about problems with the Internet in Windows 7 operating system, their causes and various tips to fix them:

  • Different problems with the Internet

  • Symptoms and causes

  • Tips to fix

Different problems with the Internet

You may encounter a number of problems while using the Internet in your Windows 7 system. Page crash error is a common Internet connection error in Windows 7 operating system. Sometimes, you may face disconnecting issues with the Internet connection in your Windows 7 operating system.

Symptoms and causes

Major reason for the connection issues in your Windows 7 is slow Internet connectivity. While using a slow Internet connection, you may see that your web browser fails to respond. Sometimes, you may face Internet connection issues due to the problem of the Internet service provider. You may also face issues due to the presence of viruses in your system.

Tips to fix

It is better to use high speed Internet connection if you have any issue with your current Internet connection. It may eliminate most of the errors with the Internet connection. You also need to check the working of the Ethernet card that you have installed in your Windows 7 system. Sometimes, problem of the Ethernet card creates Internet problems in Windows 7 operating system. If your network adapter is damaged you need to repair it. You also need to remove all the malware from the system.

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