Wireless Internet in Windows® 7

Get to know more about advantages of wireless Internet in Windows 7

Wireless Internet is widely used by both home and business users. Wireless Internet provides good broadband speed. The advantages of Wireless Internet service are accessibility, lower set up costs, mobility and lower maintenance costs. Wireless broadband Internet connection is becoming popular because this provides uninterrupted Internet connection while you travel to another city, state, country or around the globe. Accessibility across the globe provides popularity to this technology among business and common users. As this is a cable-less technology, this provides low set up and maintenance cost. Wireless Internet is a very reliable Internet connection. Speed of Wireless Internet is far ahead while compared to other Internet connections. Setting Wireless Internet in Windows 7 is an easy job as any novice user could set up this easily.

Following are tips to set up wireless Internet in Windows 7:

  • Equipment Needed

  • Configure Wireless Router

  • Network Wizard

Equipment Needed

To set an Internet connection in your Windows 7, you need to make sure that you are subscribed to a broadband wireless connection, and wireless router and your computer have network adaptor which supports wireless connection. Adaptor is the device which connects the computer to the wireless router. While you choose the wireless router, select the one having maximum capacity.

Configure Wireless Router

Wireless router is needed to be configured sometimes. Wireless router is needed to be placed at a place where you could get maximum signals. Some tips to set wireless router includes placing the router in central position to get maximum signal strength to every computers. You could also place your router away from floor, wall or other metal sheets. Both of these techniques could improve signals by keeping the obstruction away. Another technique is to avoid the chance of signal interference as this could shatter the signal quality. You could avoid interference by keeping equipments which uses electromagnetic waves away from the wireless router.

Network Wizard

In Windows 7 there is a Network Wizard utility to set up a wireless Internet connection. From the Start button you need to select 'Control Panel' and select 'Network and Sharing Center' option. Click to set up a new connection or network. From here you could select 'Set up a new network' option. After running the Network Wizard, you could test whether the wireless network is running well in your computer. This could be done by clicking on the network icon on 'Start' button.

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