Windows® 7 Internet Sharing

What are the things that are to be considered while sharing Internet in Windows 7 system? How can Internet connection sharing be configured in Windows 7?

Internet connection sharing is the technology which allows users to share the same Internet connection among different computers. This is one of the cost effective ways to use the resources among two or more system in your home or office. Inter connection sharing could be effectively used in Windows 7 Operating System. By sharing the Internet connection you don’t have to take multiple Internet connection, but you can use Internet in all the computers which are shared. You could share any of the Internet connections like dial up connection or wireless broad band connection. You will benefit if you have a high speed Internet subscriber because higher bandwidth could deliver you improved quality in sharing. Advantages of Internet connection sharing in your Windows 7 system includes reduced cost in setting up an Internet connection, protection of data and selective Internet usage. Internet connection sharing is a useful way of resource sharing in Windows 7-based system.

Some tips to configure Internet Connection sharing in Windows 7 are given below:

  • Tips to enable ICS

  • Ad-hoc network

  • TCP/IP configuration

Tips to enable ICS

Internet Connection sharing can be enabled by configuring the utility. To enable this, you need to select Control Panel from Start and select View network status and tasks. By selecting adaptor Properties you could tick the option 'allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection'.

Ad-hoc network

You could share the Internet very easily by setting an ad-hoc network. From control panel you could select network and the sharing center. You should right click on network icon and click on setup to start a new connection or network link. In the Windows, you could set an ad-hoc network. From here you need to set various security options and name of network you are going to connect. From the sharing, center you need to tick the option to share other users to connect to Internet through this network.

TCP/IP configuration

To use the network in different computers by sharing the Internet, you need to configure the IP address in the entire computer. You can choose the option to configure the IP automatically. This can be done from the network center of the control panel. Otherwise, you can set IP address in client computers manually. All you have to do is to set IP address within the range of to 254. This could be set from TCP/IP properties of client computers.

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