Get tips to set-up wireless network to access Internet

What are wireless access point and wireless Internet access? What are the tips to set-up wireless network to access Internet?

Wireless access points are the specially configured nodes present on wireless local area networks. They would work as a central receiver or the transmitter of WLAN radio signals. The access points which are used in the home networks are found to be very small devices. These types of devices would feature built in antenna, network adapter and the radio transmitter. These access points would also support Wi-Fi wireless communication standards. Wireless Internet Access is a local area network which is being run by using the radio waves. This would be broadcasted from a hardware device. This device would be in the server computer. Other computers which are having the wireless card would access this Internet connection.

The following are various tips to setup wireless network for Internet connection:

  • Provide connections

  • Tips to set-up network

  • Things to keep in mind

Provide connections

First of all you need to install the router in the proper place. Then you have to arrange the antenna in proper direction. Then by using the Ethernet cable you need to connect the modem to the Internet port in the router. After that you have to connect other Ethernet cable from the remaining ports on router to the wired adapter in system.

Tips to set-up network

You have to type the default IP address for router in the browser. You would enter the default username and password. Then follow the instructions in wizard. You would know if any password and the username are needed for the connection. This you would get from ISP. You have to open the wireless settings configuration and make sure that wireless radio is enabled. After that you would assign wireless network name. Then you have to set security encryption like WPA2 or WPA. You have to set the password for accessing the router. On each system you have to click the 'Wireless network' icon. Then click the 'Network name' and enter the password for that. After that all systems would be connected to that wireless network.

Things to keep in mind

While setting up the wireless network you have to make sure that the router is placed at a distance so that all the systems in that area would get signals. You have to avoid the presence of electrical devices near the router. They would make interruptions in the connection. While downloading and installing drivers for router and modem you have to use only the compatible one. You need to make sure that all systems are free from viruses. This is for avoiding the corruption of drivers.

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