Tips for wireless Internet connection sharing

Learn about Internet connection sharing and its significance. How can the Internet sharing be shared over the Internet?

Internet sharing implies the sharing of Internet with other systems present in the network. While doing like that by using only one Internet connection you could use that connection to other system also. There would be one main server computer and all other systems are client systems. By Internet sharing you could reduce the cost of a high-speed connection. That means you would not have to pay an ISP for the multiple accounts. While sharing the Internet over wireless network, you have to keep the security key or password for the wireless network.

Below given points are the tips to share the Internet over the wireless network:

  • Setup wireless network

  • Setup the gateway system

  • Setup client systems

Setup wireless network

Before sharing the Internet connection, you need to set up a wireless network for the Internet connection. So you have to connect the gateway to the modem. It would have wireless network support. Then you would setup the router and connect that to modem. You have to enter the router address in the address bar of Internet Explorer and give name of the wireless network, WEP for the protection and the admin password. In order to connect the system to wireless network you need to select the connection and click connect and then OK.

Setup the gateway system

Firstly, set up the system which is connected to the modem. This system would supply the Internet to other systems present in that network. In that system you have to firstly click Start and from that you would take Control Panel. You could see Network Connections there. You need to click the option named 'Set up a home or small office network'. You have to then follow the wizard till you reach the screen called 'Select a connection method'. In that you need to select 'This computer connects directly to the Internet'. The other computers on my network connect to the Internet through this computer'. Then you would click Next and would also select yes for turning on the file and printer sharing.

Setup client systems

You have to then make proper settings in other systems. You have to then run the network setup wizard in each and every system. When you run that you have to make sure that you would select the option which states that this system connects to Internet through other system on that network or through the residential gateway. You need to set this in each and every system.

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