Connecting Laptop to Wireless Internet

Get to know more about working of wireless Internet in laptops

Wireless Internet uses wireless technology for data transferring. It has got many advantages like excellent broadband speed and portability. Over 2 Mbps speed could be attained for wireless Internet. Also wireless network is more reliable than other wired Internet connection. Initial set up cost is very low as compared to the cost of setting a wired Internet connection. Wireless Internet is used in WiMax, GPRS and 3G services. Signals are received from nearest Internet towers and you could enjoy the connectivity in and outside of your home and office. You could use Internet connection as long as you get signals from tower. Most of the organizations and enterprises now switch to wireless Internet connection as this enhances mobility and thereby productivity of employees.

Following is information about laptops connected to wireless Internet:

  • Range of Wireless Internet

  • Security in Wireless Internet

  • Tips to Set Wireless Internet

Range of Wireless Internet

The range of wireless Internet is nearly 120 feet indoors and 300 feet outdoors. But in practical situations it could be much weaker than this. Wireless Internet speed is affected by many factors. This includes router location, strength of the signal, performance of wireless card, signal interference. To increase the quality and speed of Internet connection keep the wireless router at correct place where you could get maximum signal. You could also use high end antenna to get better signals. Keep the router away from other electronic devices which uses wireless signals.

Security in Wireless Internet

Wireless security is important to keep your data safe, keep your computer well and to get uninterrupted Internet connection. There are some tips to attain maximum security while you connect to wireless Internet. While you set a wireless connection give proper password to protect you from hackers. You could enable WPA / WEP encryption as the encryption technology could provide security to the data you are sending through wireless Internet. Another technique to increase security is to enable the MAC address filtering. You could also enable the Firewall in your system to keep your system safe from malware and other intruders.

Tips to Set Wireless Internet

To set a wireless Internet connection, you need to subscribe a good broadband wireless network. You also need a wireless router and computer with wireless network adaptor. Wireless router is the device which receives signals. Keep the router and computer in ON condition. You need to configure the router and change the network settings in your laptop.

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