Tips To Set Up Wireless Internet in Windows® XP®

Discuss the various ways to set up wireless Internet in Windows XP.

A wireless Internet network allows users to enjoy Internet connection wherever they go. Earlier, wireless Internet was used only by businessmen, but nowadays, most of the home users also use this facility. We can set up wireless Internet in Windows XP easily and effectively. We can install wireless Internet with or without a wireless router. Wireless Internet has more advantages when compared to a wired connection. The first factor is that a wireless connection is free of wires and cables and it also provides mobility. A wireless Internet connection is also easy to set up and configure. The main requirements to set up the wireless Internet connection are a wireless router, network adapters, DSL broadband modem to connect the wireless network to Internet, and an Ethernet cable. Routers are devices that are used to connect the devices within the system. In order to set up a wireless connection, all the systems must have a network adapter. The Ethernet cable connects the router to the device. One of the advantages of Windows XP is that it provides tools which help the user to set up and install the wireless Internet connection.

Different steps to install wireless Internet in Windows XP:

  • Choose wireless equipment

  • Connect and configure router

  • Connect devices with computer

Choose wireless equipment

The first step to be taken while installing wireless Internet is choosing wireless equipment. You can select wireless equipment for the wireless Internet connection. There are several devices available in the market. The speed and performance of the Internet connection depends on the quality of the product. Select a high-quality wireless equipment which supports the three wireless networking technologies viz. 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g.

Connect and configure router

The next step is to connect the router to the system and its configuration. A wireless router is needed for this purpose. The function of a wireless router is to convert the data into radio signals. The configuration of the router can be done by typing the address of the router in the web browser of your system.

Connect devices with computer

The next and the final step is to connect the devices to the computer. Otherwise, you have to plug in the adapter in the USB port. Most of the systems have wireless network support in the form of an in-built network adapter. A network adapter helps the router connect to the system. After connecting the devices to the PC, you have to configure the set-up. You may follow the on-screen instructions to configure the wireless router.

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