Troubleshooting Wireless Internet Issues

Are you aware of the reasons of the wireless Internet issues and want to tips to troubleshoot the connection?

Nowadays, everyone use Internet for various needs. With the help of Internet, you can do online shopping and banking. It is very irritating and frustrating when the Internet does not works for the users who depend daily on the Internet for many tasks. Many of the wireless Internet issues can be solved by using some simple solutions. The first thing you need to check is your wireless router, if you have a problem in Internet connection. Incompatible or faulty router can result in wireless Internet connectivity problems. You also need to check there whether any problems with the settings of your system. With the diagnostic and repair options in Windows Vista and Windows 7, you can solve some connectivity problems. The issues may also occur due to faulty wireless network card drivers or the installation of some new hardware or software. Sometimes, a simple reboot may solve the problem with wireless Internet connection.

Following are some of the causes of problems with your wireless Internet and tips to troubleshoot the connection:

  • Poor signal strength

  • Issue due to phone

  • Faulty wireless card

Poor signal strength

The low signal strength from the router may result in Internet connectivity problems. You need to make sure that your system is not far away from the router. You may check the signal strength by placing the mouse over the wireless connection icon, located in the bottom right corner of your taskbar. The signal that you are receiving depends on the channel that your router is set on. A lot of wireless network traffic in areas that have lot of Internet connection can degrade the signal strength. The interference of radio signals with the router may also cause poor signals. You need to place the router close to the PC to solve this issue.

Issue due to phone

The operation of the phone in your home with 2.4GHz frequency may cause the Internet connection issues while placing or receiving a call. The reason is that the router of your system may also be operating at 2.4GHz frequency and the wireless phone is interfering with the signals. In this case you need to power down the router and then again turn it on. You need to upgrade the frequency of your wireless phone to 5.8GHz. The next solution is to use a corded phone.

Faulty wireless card

Sometimes, you may face problems with your wireless card. So, you need to reconfigure the settings of your wireless card. If the Internet connection in your system fails to work you need to reset the router to the factory defaults and then change the settings of the wireless card to the same settings. Update the drivers of wireless Internet card.

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