Wireless Network Failure

What are the main issues related to wireless network failure?

When your computer operating system successfully gets connected to a wireless network, it will be clearly exhibited on your display screen revealing the name of the wireless connection. If not, then there is essentially a failure in the wireless network. In such cases, there are certain issues that are important and should be focused upon, since they are invariably associated with the failure of the wireless network.

The main issues related to the wireless network failure include:

  • Hardware problems

  • Signal strengths and channels

  • SIDD and WEP key

Hardware problems

When only one access point exists along with a single wireless client, then a connection issue develops. The client will face problems in getting connected to the wireless network, but if there is a larger network then the scope of the problem can be better resolved. If some users have difficulty in connecting while others are working on the network, then the problem lies mainly in one of the multiple access points that may be malfunctioning.

You can simply guess where the problem lies by looking at the physical location. If no one is getting connected then they are several things involved. If there is a single wireless access point, then it could be either malfunctioning or there is a configuration error. The problem could also be referenced to the interference of radio or breakage of a physical link between the wireless access point and the wired network. Note that a wireless networking equipment is quite strong and that the major problem lies with network configuration and not malfunctioning of the hardware.

Signal strengths and channels

If the wireless access point can be pinged from a wired client and not from the wireless client then there exist temporary problems with the access point. If the access point problem continues, then the signal strength has to be checked, and for this checking most wireless NIC manufacturers include some machines with NIC to accurately measure the strength of the signal. Nevertheless, if the signal that you are getting is weak and physically nothing has been altered in your office then you have to probably change the access point channel to another channel, to find out whether this channel improves the strength of the signal.
SIDD and WEP key

The wireless network problems also arise due to the non-resetting of Service Set Identifier (SSID). If SSID does not specify the correct network, it will not ping the access point. In addition to this, WEP, which stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy, is an encryption configuration and has to be checked. If WEP is not configured correctly, then also it will be difficult to ping the access point from a wireless client. It is essential to mention here that some brands support 40- and 64-bit encryptions but others support only 128-bit encryption.
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