iYogi Complaint Form

iYogi gives you an opportunity to post your complaints related to any of its services. You can share or register your own actual consumer experience with iYogi by filling up a complaints form.

At iYogi we deliver services which are a class apart. We offer an interactive way for our customers to submit their feedbacks by filling up an iYogi complaint form. Now you can share your opinion about our services and experiences with us; good or bad. We persistently look forward to a genuine feedback that will give us a better insight of what and how we can help to serve you in a better manner. Also, your response will definitely boost up our confidence and motivate us to deliver finer services. We look forward to your feedbacks and complaints.

9 Jan, 2015

I have had iyogi’s services for 2 years. Whenever I face any problem with my computer I just give them a call and get it fixed. But the only issue I face is the heavy accent of some of the customer service representatives; a lot of time is wasted in communicating.

14 Nov, 2014

iyogi complaint form sounds good, but I don’t know how to complete my registration process. The moment I think I am through the registration step, I get an error. It is really getting frustrating. Can you please help me get the resgitration thing cleared up, so that i am able to post my feedbacks and complaints in regard to iyogi services and its products that i have been using for years.

10 Oct, 2014

The complaint form created by iyogi is definitely a good step towards the development of good customer service. Initially, whenever I faced any problem with iyogi services, I used to ignore since, it was a lengthy process. But now I can raise my complaints and approach iyogi guys directly if I need any corrections in my services or want to get my computer repaired instantly.

25 Sep, 2014

I am really happy that iyogi has come up with a complaint form to establish a more interactive platform with their customers. There have been times when I’m disappointed by the way their technicians deal with me. But I didn’t have anyone to go to that time. So, now I can at least make them aware that what’s going on, so that they can improve the weak areas. Thanks guys!

17 Sep, 2014

Initially, I used to think that filling up the complaint form for technical issues will not be taken that seriously. However, when I filled up the complaint form at iyogi website in regard to some technical glitches in my PC, I was bit surprised. Quick response from iyogi technician was quite impressive. Thank you iyogi for handling my problems and reverting back so soon!

4 Sep, 2014

I really felt good the way iyogi technicians handled my issue and responded in less than a day. At first I was under this idea that the complaint form won’t work. But it really did. The guy asked me few things and took an hour to resolve the issue. My patience was running out, but finally when he solved the problem, I was nothing less than grateful. Thank you guys!

Ricky Brown
5 Feb, 2013

Loved the way the technicians handled my grievances and reverted back in less than 42 hours… I never thought complaints form would ever be working under strict deadlines and will have such a quick turnaround time. My issues have been solved to perfection and I thank iYogi for that.

Mike Thomas
1 Feb, 2013

Hey iYogi how are you guys! I came back with another computer problem. There must be some problem with the graphics card driver that since last evening, my PC has been displaying no other colors but blue, purple, some lavender and pink. Kindly get this issue fixed as I am waiting to resume my Warhammer 40k Space Marine game on my computer.

Dr. Feel
22 Jan, 2013

I feel good to be associated with iyogi… They always put great efforts to satisfy the needs of their customers. in my last one year of association, I’ve seen them making lot of good moves that have been made to benefit the customers… Thanks iYogi and keep up the good work!

Frank Bailey, Santa Ana
11 Jan, 2013

Thank you iYogi! You guys are doing simply great. I didn’t have any idea that tech support solutions can flow so quickly and accurately! Couple of weeks earlier, I was having really hard rime in installing a router. But an iYogi technician has helped me thoroughly in installing the router device on my computer in office. The guy helped me thoroughly over phone and successfully installed the device.

Arianna Salgado
26 Dec, 2012

The complaint form is a quick way to resolve your complaints. I had tried these complaint forms of various companies, but iYogi technicians are really quick in answering your calls… I hope you guys continue to work the same way and give your customers fast resolution to all their problems… I’m happy with iYogi! I recommend them…

Chris Pirillo
11 Dec, 2012

iYogi complaints form helped me get my refund without any hassle. I was not happy with the way the technician worked on my problem. I was still getting error messages while connecting to my network printer, though the problem was less persistent. The supervisor not only refunded my money, he also fixed my problem to compensate for the mistake… I’m impressed…

Griffin Toomey
3 Dec, 2012

Thanks for taking this initiative of launching this complaints form. I was almost on the verge of asking for refund today. But now i think that i should use this platform to register my complaint. My complaint is regarding the accent used by your technicians. Its very strange for me. It would be much better if you guys can train your tech support guys in speaking english language in our accent. I hope this wont be a difficult task. They just need some grooming. I hope my this problem will be answered. Meanwhile I am still continuing wth your services and hoping for a change soon.

John Doe
27 Nov, 2012

Thanks a lot to you iyogi that you have taken this initiative to launch this problem from where customers like me can voice their feedback and complaints. Earlier it used to annoy me a lot when my suggestions where not listened. In fact, what i think is that the suggestions were not even forwarded to the seniors by the tech representatives. But i hope that now my suggestions will be taken seriously and if not implemented than atleast i would be told that why my suggestion cant be implemented.

Amber Brittain
23 Nov, 2012

My issue got heard through iYogi complaints form… I was unable to transfer data from my phone to my win 7 laptop. I came across this site and registered my issue. Soon I got a call from their technician who took up a session with me and fixed the problem. I also found their single incident plan a reasonable option…

Lydia Tingguan
16 Nov, 2012

Got my issue fixed in one day. My wife took iYogi services to repair her laptop. The technician informed her that the machine has been fixed. Though most of the issues were resolved, some still pertained. I search for help through iYogi complaints form. Our complaint was answered the same day and a new technician helped us to resolve our computer errors. I found iYogi complaints form a quick way to get our work done.

Amy Lewis
9 Nov, 2012

I completely second Jenifer’s opinion. It’s an indeed brave step put forward by iYogi to invite their subscribers to post problems faced by them while taking remote tech support from iYogi. Don’t know about others, however, iYogi is surely in my good book as I found their technicians quite patient with my problems, my aging habit of inquiring repeatedly and fixing my problems. I may sound a little biased buy iYogi is a savior, I can say.

Elizabeth Elverenli
6 Nov, 2012

I found the iyogi complaints form a nice medium to register my complaints. Iyogi has shown that how willing the company is in learning from its past mistakes and serve its customers in a more professional manner. I myself have felt the need for such a platform to voice my complaints. i hope iyogi team will listen to its customers and try to make their experience more enjoyable. Thanks iyogi and keep it up.

Becky Gitsham
25 Oct, 2012

Hey, I used the complaints form recently to voice my grievance against one of your technician. Instead of resolving my tech problem, he asked me to give him the remote session of my computer straightway. I think he should first listen patiently to my problem and then if necessary should take my permission for taking remote session. i have no problem in this as i hav previously also allowed to do so. All the techicians that i dealt with were not so impatient than this one.

Robert Hall, Memphis
22 Oct, 2012

I almost made up my mind that I would cancel my iYogi annual subscription plans; but not before I would report my grievance and make other consumers aware of faulty service of iYogi. I wrote how an iYogi technician failed to fix computer rebooting issues. However to my surprise, another iYogi technician called up, apologized and took over the issue to resolve it. And here I am on iYogi Complaint form again to articulate how I was stunned by iYogi’s prompt service, professionalism, and commitment to quality of service. Needless to say that I am still continuing with iYogi!

Jennifer Adams
18 Oct, 2012

Whoa iYogi, you guys are actually asking me (other customers) to vent and say about displeased experience out loud! That too on the Internet without bothering about your online reputation – that’s astonishing really. Well, I haven’t not holding yet grumpy opinions on your service so far except some minor ones (like once call got disconnected and lost) that I can sideline to feel good about how you guys have repaired some tricky problems. Stay there 24×7 for me, like you do! I feel great.