iYogi health tips for complaints due to prolonged computer usage

iYogi is one of the leading tech support service providers for customers across the globe . Apart from providing computer support, iYogi also has a platform to address consumer woes and issues, by taking consumer complaints and feedbacks into account. iYogi reviews specific issues and publishes reports that helps customers to understand their problems better and also provide them with tips to resolve their problems.

In this report iYogi has highlighted the importance of safeguarding ones health from the ill-effects of prolonged computer usage. The report also provides users with health tips to help protect themselves from such health hazards.

With computerization reaching new dimensions, it’s no big surprise that computer users need to work for hours at a stretch. A typical office shift of 8 hours in front of a computer, over the course of a few months or years can leave your body in a wreck and breed numerous complaints. Most computer users do not even understand that their ailments might be a direct result of computer usage. Common health problems and complaints related to computer users include eye problems, stress injuries, fatigue, numbness and so on. Internet addiction, stress, depression are also some of the after-effects of prolonged computer usage.

As computers are indispensible for any job, completely avoiding them would be impractical. There are some ways to reduce chances of health problems and complaints as a result of excessive use of computers. These health tips would minimize the chances of health issues and when combined with a proper exercise routine, should nullify the bad effects of working with computers over a period of hours.

Correct your posture. When sitting at a computer, the most important thing to consider is your posture. Having the right posture can reduce chances of eye problems, back problems, neck problems, joint pain, wrist-pain and other such complaints. Only a firm chair with good back support should be used for working with a computer. Having a good chair is not enough, users should also keep their feet straight and position the chair in such a way that the screen is at an ideal distance from the eye, elbows should be at a 90 degree angle to the keyboard.

Many computer users suffer from eye problems because of prolonged computer use. Short-sighted people using computers are at an increased risk of glaucoma and steps should be taken regarding the health of your eyes. Complaints from dryness/ pain in eyes are common. Eye-drops should be used to keep eyes moisturized. It is also recommended that users increase the frequency of blinking which would reduce radiation coming directly into the eyes.

Working on a computer would involve typing on a keyboard. Complaints resulting from prolonged use of keyboards are also common. It can be damaging to your hands, wrists and even elbow joints. Many computer users suffer from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome which is caused by excessive typing and stressing out of nerves below the wrists. It is always better to prevent such health problems from coming up rather than trying to solve them later on. In case you have to be typing for long hours, it is advisable that short breaks be taken so that fingers as well as wrists get some form of relief. It is also a good idea to squeeze a tennis ball at the end of the day as nerves and muscles would get some respite from the stress.

Another common complaint when working with computers is stress injuries. Stress injuries develop when users are sitting in front of computers for longer periods without proper posture. High levels of stress can be extremely damaging. Research shows that high levels of stress can cause heart diseases and even cancer. To prevent computer related stress from escalating to serious health issues, users are advised to take sufficient breaks.

Multiple complaints due to Internet addiction is also common. People often remain indoors and become less sociable. They spent more and more time on the internet and develop other health complications. Proper counseling can help people to avoid such situations.

Apart from the aforesaid tips, it is also important to keep your workstation neat and organized. It should be arranged in such a way that you do not have to stretch too much to reach any particular file or item.

iYogi recommends following these health tips religiously to keep health complaints and complications due prolonged computer usage at bay. They might not necessarily be the solution for all your ailments, but they will reduce the chances of them occurring.