iYogi recommendations on things to check before making ISP-related complaints

Most computers are connected over the Internet. The Internet can be best described as a connectivity technology with which computer users around the world can share and access information with each other. Computer users with Internet connectivity will be familiar with the term ISP. ISP or Internet Service Provider is a company that provides access to the Internet from a computer. Based on the type of connection that a particular ISP supports, users can connect to the network and access websites and information available.

Among all the technical complaints that come to a tech support provider, ISP related complaints top the charts. As most users are unaware of technical terms and settings related to ISP services, they panic at the slightest sign of ISP-related issues and contact their tech support provider. In most cases, ISP complaints might not be because of technical problems with the service provider but with the user’s computer.

ISP related problems can affect the network functionality of the system, which means users would not be able to update the OS, applications and even the functioning of web-related services would be affected. Before concluding that ISP services are at fault, it is recommended that users check a few things to ensure that the problem is not from their end.

Common ISP related complaints and problems that users around the world face include email/ other service outages, fluctuations in broadband speed, connectivity issues such as slow connection, errors when connecting and so on. Even though these ISP issues can be attributed as the fault of the service provider, it is always better to carry out some checks before contacting the tech support provider.

The first thing to check would be the connection between the system and the modem. If the physical connections are loose or the connecting hardware is having some kind of an issue, then problems and complaints such as intermittent connection issue would come up. Even more, such problems would be impossible for the tech support executive to fix. Users need to check the physical connections themselves and if they are found damaged, they would have to be replaced with genuine spares.

If the connections seem secure, but ISP related problems are coming up, users can perform a ping test. A ping test checks the communication between the concerned computer and another one over the network connection. Ping test can be also used to determine if your connection has some sort of lag during the connection. Windows based Operating Systems come with a built-in ping utility that can be used for this purpose. If the ping test yields a positive result, then the connection is fine and the problem lies somewhere else.

Fluctuations in broadband speed of your network connection might be because of reasons such as network-based applications or services running in the background. Before contacting tech support for resolving fluctuating broadband speed issue, users are recommended to check the services that are running in the background. Some applications and services running in the background tend to update their associated programs and consume bandwidth causing speed to vary. Such services should be disabled and all applications running the background should be configured in such a manner that they do not startup with the update when a network connection is available. Details regarding various services running in the background can be checked using the task manager and unwanted services can be disabled using the services.msc command in RUN (Windows computers).

Short connectivity problems or issues such as connection errors might be because of incorrect configuration of some security services installed on the system. Users need to check whether security software installed on the system such as firewall is blocking the connection and more importantly check whether there are more than one security applications installed as clashes between services associated with security programs as these can cause network based problems.

If all the above mentioned steps did not yield a positive result, then the issue is most likely because of a malware infection within the system. There are many network related malwares that can cause problems and complaints when the infected system is being connected to the network. Malwares such as Conficker worms can cause problems such as connection errors, connection redirection and even if the connection is initiated, malwares such as spyware would run in the background of the system, eating up network bandwidth and causing slowdown of connection. Users having network related problems are advised to install the system with some kind of antivirus program or malware removal tool to make sure malwares are not causing the problem.

Checking the system for complaints and issues before contacting the ISP regarding network related problems will greatly reduce the time required to diagnose the problem and subsequently ensure the problem is fixed without any delay.

iYogi services provide unlimited tech support for resolving ISP-related issues. Through the assistance of iYogi experts, you can resolve all your complaints and complications pertaining to ISP-related issues.

However, it is imperative to consider the recommendations provided by iYogi and undertake a quick check of your machine before jumping to any conclusion and blowing things out of proportion with regard to your ISP.

Nicolette Martin
7 Feb, 2013

I was facing this broadband ISP problem. I have already tried to solve it from my end by rebooting my modem several times. My friends told me that even modems tend to slow down after some time like our computers. However, the problem still persists. I need help and support from professionals. Could you please check my modem and troubleshoot the problem?

18 Jan, 2013

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Denis Kelly
11 Jan, 2013

My Wi-Fi always had loose ends, right from the time I purchased the wireless router. Though I have raised complaints at the vendor site time and again, I have always been turned deaf ear. Most of the times, I am unable to connect to the network with absolutely no signals. I contacted iyogi technicians on a friend’s advice. The technician checked all the network settings and performed some troubleshooting steps. He assured me that he has fixed up everything and that I’ll not face connectivity errors in future. Now I am able to browse the Internet at a great speed. Thanks you iYogi for your great help!

Justin Stephens
21 Dec, 2012

My Internet connection was showing insecure connection messages. Then I unable to connect to the internet connection altogether. On a friends recommendation I called iYogi technical services and explained the issue to the technician. He was intelligent and quick in his diagnosis. He quickly ran his diagnostics and helped me in establishing a secure connection. I’m pretty impressed…