iYogi Reviews: Backing up Important Data

iYogi can not only address backup related issues, but can also help you in taking the backup and restoring the same so that you can access your favorite programs as you boot up your computer. When you are backing up important data, it is vital to choose a backup location where you can securely keep your data. Just by simply copying data to another folder on the same hard drive does not protect data from hard drive failure or a serious infection. When choosing a location to store backup data, consider the following: backup location should be removable from the main system for easy data transfer; it should have sufficient capacity to hold current and future backup files, and it should be easily restorable in case of disaster. Choosing the proper location for data backup goes a long way towards maintaining data security. more…

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Randall Jackson, El Paso
25 April, 2011

Alexander”s comment is something for everyone to note. Most users just create backup without even scanning the system once for infections. If the system has some virus, the virus would get transferred to the backup media rendering it useless. I would strongly advise all users to install an antivirus program, scan the system and then only create backup.

Alexander Griffin, New York
18 April, 2011

Last week I decided to take a backup of the data in my system. I started creating a backup and some error or other seemed to keep occurring. I had no idea why this was happening and called my friend to ask about it. He told me it was quite possible that the system had a virus and that was causing the problem. I installed an antivirus program and removed the infection. Sure enough, it solved the backup problem.

Issues with Computer Backup

Jon Davis, Florida
02 March, 2011

Saving important data is crucial to completing any project. There are many reasons to back up a computer but a proper plan for backing-up the computer must be put in place before any actions can be taken. Although many people intend on backing up the data on their computer, there are numerous problems that one may face when trying to back up their data. One of the biggest computer backup problem that one may face when trying to back up their data is not having a data backup device or plan for backing up their data in first place. Without this, data will remain on the computer’s hard drive and although it may stay safe for some time, one day the computer may crash and all of that precious data will be gone forever. Laptops are routinely stolen at airports or other public areas where there are large numbers of people and without a proper back up disc the individual has no way of recovering their data from their lost computer. Sounds being emitted from the computer are often a good indicator that the computer is on its last leg and may crash soon. This is also a good indicator that it is time to back up the files on the computer but without a backup device this cannot be done. Acquiring an external hard drive or even a small flash driver, if the user only wants to save some of their files, is very easy and inexpensive, while can be valueless when their personal computer crashes.

Backing Up Data is Crucial to Career Advancement

Nathan Olsen, Minnesota
02 March, 2011

I learned my lesson about system backup early in my career when I was confronted with a major computer backup problem. I worked for a small Manhattan real estate firm and was in charge of the property management software. Due to the stress of negotiating my new salary and conditions at the end of August, I forgot to back up the software at the end of the month. Instead, I carried the program through to the next month without backing up or printing proper reports, a task that I usually accomplished from the backup after business closed on the last day of the month.

This did not help my case during salary negotiations, especially as my employers were either consciously or subconsciously putting me through stressful work situations to see how I could handle them. It hardly mattered, though, as this was 1990 and Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, raising heating fuel prices so that my raise had to be postponed in any case. Nevertheless, I somehow managed to restore the last month”s work just in time, and I did produce the necessary reports.

I have since moved on to an entrepreneurial and freelance career, and now I do not even use my own disk drive for my most important files and documents. Instead, I work online using web apps, and I download copies of what I need for clients. Having learned my lesson, I also save all client E-mails with documents attached, giving me a third backup copy in the event of multiple system failure or lack of high-speed connection.