iYogi Reviews: Checklist of the Things to Consider Before Buying a Laptop

The number of brands and the diverse range of products out there in the market can baffle any new consumer who will wonder which one to choose. Different users have different requirements and your choice should be such that you draw maximum benefit from your investment. A businessman travelling frequently would need a laptop that is compact, weighs less, has a long battery life, and whose performance is satisfactory, while a gamer might require a system whose processor, graphics requirements, and display are more advanced. So, it is important to weigh one’s options and choose judiciously. iYogi Reviews provide a checklist of the factors, which have to be considered before choosing a laptop. Read More…

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5 Feb, 2013

Frankly, I was stuck with the screen size and high-definition resolution of the screen for buying a laptop computer. However, your laptop buying guide article turned out to be an eye-opener. Thanks iYogi for creating this checklist of points and parameters to consider before buying a laptop computer. Now I began emphasizing on the power of processor that would deliver zippy performance and seamless computing experience!

Amber Feld
23 Jan, 2013

I completely agree with Kaitlynn, since there are so many laptops available in the market, choosing the best deal is really tough. And the conventional stores don’t guide you properly. It happened with me. But this review by iyogi is an eye opener. You helped me buy the laptop I always needed.

10 Jan, 2013

Thank you for a wonderful post. All this while I was so confused as to which laptop to buy for my teenage daughter. With so many brands and models in the market, making a right choice becomes so difficult. But you helped me make a right choice. Thank you iYogi!

Alex Stephens
25 Dec, 2012

Hey, I got a clear idea of what I’m looking for. Thank you for helping me bring out a clear picture of what I’m actually looking for. With so many brands, makes, and models, you often get confused as to what you actually want. But no more confusions; I’m pretty clear what I want…

Eric Martin, Ohio
06 July, 2012

Yeah…There are a range of brands and models available in the market. It is very difficult to choose which one is the best.

George Kahn, Trenton
11 May, 2012

Hi Kenneth, I do not understand what you are trying to tell here. When you disconnect from a/c to battery, the system would go blank. That means you cannot run it on a battery, right? Now you”re saying it has reached a stage where it will not work on a/c? Make up your mind, you idiot. Post your questions properly instead of wasting time and space!

Kenneth Harvey, Georgia
04 May, 2012

My laptop won’t work on AC at all??

I have a Lenovo T42 P which was runnin in good condition, lately I ve been facing an issue with it..when I disconnect from a/c to battery, the system would go blank & I have to restart it again, from there it has now reached a stage where it will not work on a/c at all? I cant understand why? Any idea??

Scott Taylor, Detroit

25 April, 2012

Hey Sandy, your Dell system might be crashing because of many reasons. The hardware might be running fine but software related issues can cause major problems. First of all get the system installed with an antivirus program and scan for malware. Then check drivers and also check integrity of system files using Windows system file checker and repair the OS. Hope this solves your problem!

Sandy Hernandez, Nebraska

15 April, 2012

My new Dell laptop crashed for the second time in a row!!! It has been just over three months since I bought it. I can”t understand how such reputed brands can have such issues so regularly! Anyone out there experiencing the same issue???

Jeff, NY
08 April, 2012

I should have read the fine print!!

I am so mad, I”m really at a loss of words, this guy at the retail store told me when I bought my new VAIO laptop that there was a warranty of one year for everything!! Now when I had an issue with my laptop and called up customer care, I find that the warranty was only for six months!! My laptop will not be replaced.. “please read the fine print carefully sir” the customer service guy told me.