iYogi Reviews: Difference between netbook and laptop

Laptops have redefined the way people use computers. The latest entrant in the field of computers is netbook. Users are often confused between a netbook and a laptop. The two differ from each other on the basis of factors like portability, resolution, keyboard performance, optical drive”s connectivity, price, and battery life. Both netbooks and laptops have their advantages and disadvantages. The two biggest advantages that a netbook enjoys over a laptop are that it costs less and its battery backup is more. These two USPs make a netbook the favorite choice of people. Laptops are preferred by those who look for better performance and quality. Read more…

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Albert Cody, Ljubljana
26 July, 2011

Yeah Jane, netbook is best choice for travelling purpose. Definitely, it is cheaper and easy to handle rather than its battery backup is 5 to 6 hours on average, without recharging the batteries through an external source. This is approximately 3 times longer than laptop battery backup. So, I strongly recommend you to buy a branded notebook.

Eddy, Mississippi
06 July, 2011

Difference between a laptop and a netbook
Y”day my friend Steve showed me his new netbook.. it looked kewl , light n easy to carry around.. wot was best was that it was far cheaper than a laptop.. I guess I will buy one too!! Does it have any negatives?? If it”s that good, then y do people buy laptops at all?

Jane Austin, Wales
03 May, 2011

Can anyone help me out?

I am a sales professional and I need to carry a lot of info while I am traveling…but I am not sure which is the best bet…I thought that laptop was the best choice …but with the arrival of notebooks in the market, I am really not sure wot to do?.. Netbooks seem to be very easy to handle and they r cheap as well… any suggestions?