iYogi Reviews for Top Online Banking and E-Commerce Pitfalls

One of the top e-commerce pitfalls is online credit card fraud. Online credit card fraud has truly deterred many customers from ever considering making purchases online. So many customers are turned off by the idea of making purchases online; because they are afraid their identity will be stolen by other thieves online. When a person gets victim of online credit card fraud, it is a very horrible experience. You may notice that thousands of dollars have been charged on one”s credit card. After this, a person has to consult with his or her credit card company to put a stop to the charges. To know more about iYogi Reviews on top online banking and e-commerce pitfalls, Read More…

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Here’s what a typical message looks like:-

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That is why I ask that we work together,I will be pleased to work with you as trusted person and see that the fund is transferred out of my Bank into another Bank Account. Once the funds have been transferred to your nominated Bank account we shall then share it in the ratio of 60% for me, 40% for you.

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Mr. Roland Mullin.

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Dino Harris, Boston
25 April, 2011

Hey Patrick, this is just one of the many ploys that banks use to extract money! They always claim that Internet banking services are free and that users would not be charged anything. But in reality, what they do is put in a lot of hidden charges here and there, such as a limit on number of times you can take account statements in a month and then charge customers for it. Apart from safety concerns, these hidden charges would drive away customers like me, from online banking for good!

Service Fees: An Annoying Experience

Patrick V., Ohio
11 March, 2011

As a loyal customer to a major banking the industry, I once decided to do all of my banking online. What a mistake I did? I have really experienced many pitfalls in the world of online banking, ever since I decided to do my banking solely online. The one pitfall that probably annoys me more than anything is that I have been charged multiple service fees for no apparent reason from my bank.

It all started when I started reviewing my monthly bank statements online. I kept wondering why my numbers were always just a little bit off, as I would add all of my income and expenses for the month. The numbers just did not make any sense to me. Then I realized that my bank was actually charging me anywhere from four to ten dollars in a given month for no reason. This was the reason my numbers were not adding up accurately.

These service fees charged to my account all the time is what has driven me away from online banking. I became so frustrated with these service fees charged to my account, that now I do all of my banking in person. Every time I received a service fee, I had to spend my valuable time to contact the bank in order to reverse the fee. Each time the bank apologized, but I was never satisfied with an apology since I had to spend my precious time to rectify the problem.

E-Commerce Pitfall: Pop Up Ads

Charlotte Moore, Worcester
14 March, 2011

When a company has too many pop up ads on its website, this is one of the most annoying experiences for a consumer. It can be an instant turn off for a customer to have to deal with a website that has ten or twenty pop-up ads. If a company wants to advertise a certain promotion going on at its store, then there are definitely other sorts of ways that a company can do that.

One time I was shopping for office supplies at an online store, where I experienced a high influx of pop up ads. I had never been to a site where literally ads kept popping up. Each ad detailed a new promotion going on at the online store. I felt like it was so annoying to see all of these ads continue popping up, and I had no desire to continue my shopping experience at that store. Since then, I no longer shop at sites where there are pop-up ads. The minute an ad pops up, I simply shut down my computer or try to use my browser to find a different site. I have never truly experienced such an annoying shopping experience as that one with the office store. If there is anything I can recommend to online stores, it is to be careful with their online advertising. If stores choose to create pop up ads, they may just deter consumers from ever shopping there again. I know that I have not been back to that office store since.