iYogi Reviews highlight advantages of migrating to Windows® 7

Many users of Windows, who have been using their existing versions of Windows, might be skeptical about migrating to the latest offering from Microsoft, i.e., Windows 7, because of the lack of clarity on what the new OS has to offer. For such users, iYogi has come out with a review that outlines the main advantages of Windows 7. Features like easy access to your favorite programs and files, better navigation through several windows using the Aero experience, allowing better device management etc. are some of the factors that make Windows 7 an instant hit. For those who like to carry their media library everywhere with them, Windows 7 allows remote media sharing. Organizing files and folders has never been this easy with the new ”library” feature. iYogi Review explains all these features and guides users to take an informed decision on upgrading their OS. Read More…

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Blair Anthony, California
30 June, 2011

Yeah, you”re right Sharon. Windows 7 Operating System has got so much interesting features that it makes our work easier and it also saves our precious time. I think Windows 7 is the best Operating System so far from the house of Microsoft. The most interesting feature I liked is the pin and jump list, using this feature the files can be accessed in a very simple and faster way.

Upgrade ur OS to Windows 7 – it”s really cool!

Sharon Sam, Indiana
03 May, 2011

Like many people, I too do all my work on my laptop, be it personal or professional. My friend recently suggested that I upgrade my OS to Windows 7 and I am glad I listened to him. This latest OS from Microsoft has some very exciting features that same my time and make my work easier. Now I am able to access and search through files much faster. I just have to drag a file to wherever I want it on my taskbar and then its stay. I can use it whenever I want. I no longer work the way I used to earlier.

Windows 7 Enhanced My Computing Experience!!!

Jack Thomson, Toronto
19 April, 2011

Hey… Jack this sideJ, I love playing games on the net and enjoy listening music. Usually, I spend a lot of time on the Internet. I follow a streamlined work culture and always keep all my data in an organized way. The operating system I am using is an older version and I am looking to upgrade it to the newest version. One of my friends told me that Windows 7 will be best option for me as it has advanced features. With Windows 7, I can easily keep all my favorite programs and files at one place from where I can access them without any trouble. It actually made my computing experience better than ever!!!