iYogi Reviews: Keep yourselves away from Wi-Fi Security gaps

We all love the convenience of Wi-Fi to stay connected anywhere our tablet PCs and smart phones take us. Wi-Fi hotspots are places where the user can access Internet over a wireless network. Airports, railway stations, libraries etc, are some of Wi-Fi hotspots. In spite of all the benefits offered by these hotspots, it sometimes poses a great danger to people. Unscrupulous hackers and cyber criminals can setup fake Wi-Fi hotspots to steal the confidential data such as password, credit card information etc. To evoke awareness about such fake Wi-Fi hotspots, iYogi has released reviews about Wi-Fi security gaps which explain how to be safe from such malicious activity. Read more…

Linda Thompson, Michigan

30 September, 2011

Need some space for privacy
Why do people get addicted to hacking and spamming so much? I think these people are jobless and get too curious in others lives and at the same time making money out of it. Lame to the core, to be frank.

Sarah Lee, Detroit

29 August, 2011

I took Wi-Fi for granted
Thanks a lot iYogi for this review. I am a regular coffee shop Wi-Fi user and I always take it for granted. Now I feel safer after reading your review and, well done, pals!