iYogi Reviews: Top 5 laptop-related issues pertaining to mobile users

Laptops are ideal for all kinds of users. They not only make one”s computing experience richer, they also add a certain level of class to the freedom of mobility. Irrespective of what the model or the make of a laptop is, you would face issues. Laptop-related issues can be a real pain when mobile users do not have immediate access to a repair store or a technician. Some of the common laptop-related issues include Internet connectivity issues, e-mail-related problems, battery or power related problems, data loss (accessibility as well as theft issues) etc. iYogi has done extensive research on the subject and it has released its latest review that provides users with information regarding common laptop-related issues and the simple ways to fix them. Read more…

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John Dyer

21 Mar, 2013

Hey, I banged on your page while doing random research on Google. My laptop was facing terrible issues with battery backup. I wanted to understand the problem myself before calling up a technician. Your article helped me understand my problem and partially resolve it…

Julian Kiani

15 Feb, 2013

This review really helped me understand my problem. I accidentally landed on this page while looking out for some reliable tech forum. The issues mentioned in this review helped me detect the cause to my problem and solve it on my own… you saved me from shelling out big bucks!

Toby Bolte

23 Nov, 2012

A few days ago I was facing some technical issues while updating the operating system of my desktop. I called up a local technician. He performed his best and did the upgrade. However, i started facing some problems. My friend who is a customer of iyogi tech support services told me about this company and gave me the toll free number. I decided to take their single incident support and called up. The technician at the other end was very patient in listening to my problem and helped me get rid of my issue within no time. Thanks a lot iyogi.

Denis Shelest

16 Nov, 2012

For me the series of product reviews carried on by iyogi are like a ready-reckoner. You will find product review of almost all gadgets, computers and peripherals. I always make it a point to once go through it once before finalizing any product for myself. If the review of that product is missing, then i wait for the review to come on the site and after reading the review then only i purchase it. The reviews done by iyogi are research-based and very informative… Keep on posting them guys…

Steven Tajer

9 Nov, 2012

I like reading your top 5 articles. They provide good information. Please keep posting such articles. They are very benefitting… I particularly liked this article because due to my job requirements I am always on the go and often face most of the issues mentioned in this article. Now I’ll keep your tips in mind and follow your advice to prevent these issues…

Olivia Greenaway

30 Oct, 2012

I find iyogi reviews like a small guide book that answers all my questions.. Most of the times, I find answers to all my issues through iyogi reviews. Your reviews are very informative.. keep writing them…

Laura Pasquini

28 Sep, 2012

Hi Joey, I think by changing your password, you can keep the hacker at bay. Now he’ll not be able to access your email. However, there are chances that he might have saved your contact list in his system and can still send hoax mails to your friends. But you can’t do anything in that. Also, keep reading iyogi reviews. They provide good information on different kinds of scams.

Kaitlin Gentry

25 Sep, 2012

I am a businessman who is most of time on the go due to various business related tasks. This iyogi reviews article on the 5 common laptop technical problems helped me a face a difficult situation. I called iyogi to know about more such tips. iYogi support help me in remaining protected from online threats by regularly updating the virus definitions of the antivirus software installed on my laptop. Thanks a lot to iyogi for their guidance and help.

Seth Kolloen

19 Sep, 2012

Before iyogi, I always relied on local technicians for fixing my tech issues. The problem with them is every time I had to book an appointment and then reschedule my work accordingly. Many times this caused lots of problems and I always have number of tasks on my sleeves. But with iyogi, things are different. There anytime support system gives me the freedom of getting in touch with a technician any time I want. One time payment plans does not cause dents in my pocket every time I face system crash and I always have a ready help which is just a phone call away, so now I don’t waste time googling stuffs on the internet. iYogi is my support system. i also like reading your iyogi reviews articles.

Joey Kulkin

11 Sep, 2012

I recently happened to connect my laptop through the Wi-Fi services provided by the hotel where I was putting up. I did this to access my e-mail. From the very next day, my friends started receiving hoax messages from my mail id, but it was not me. Has someone hacked my e-mail? Though I have changed my password, can they still access my mail? Any help will be appreciated!

Joseph Boyer

6 Sep, 2012

Like Paul my laptop too was unable to connect to the Internet. The only difference is I was out of town and was trying to connect to the network through my hotel’s wi-fi. Since I knew that my hotel has wi-fi connection, I didn’t bother to bring my Internet USB. However, I remember once I read about iyogi reviews though it could be related to internet security.

George Harris, New York

19 Jul, 2011

@ Sim, sorry to hear that. I too travel a lot and am very careless about my things. I just put them here and there, I was totally careless. Your story has really opened my eyes. I will be more careful in the future.

Darren Harris, Atlanta

09 May, 2011

Hey Sim, sorry to hear about your laptop but these things happen especially when you are travelling. What”s gone is gone, there is nothing you can do about it but at least for the future have a drive in your system encrypted and store all sensitive information in there so that even if the machine is stolen, your data would be safe. As for backup, use software that creates automatic backups on a regular basis.

Hoodwinked in a jiffy

Sim Collins, Texas

03 May, 2011

I realized it too late, the guy sitting next to me in the auditorium looked kinda fishy.. in a moment he was gone & so did my laptop bag.. I lost my laptop along with some other documents in the bag.. the worst part was I had a lot of confidential information in my system , but I had zero backup… there was absolutely no way I could get my information back!!!

Laptop issues

Paul Edwards, Michigan

19 Apr, 2011

I have been using my laptop for the last couple of years and I never had any problems. However, last week, my system suddenly started experiencing issues related to Internet connection. My laptop would not connect to any network and I had no clue why this was happening. I contacted my friend and he said that it seemed that some virus had infected my PC. I guess the virus made its way into my computer while I was using the Wi-Fi system in a hotel. My friend was kind enough to remove the virus from my PC and my system started working like before.