iYogi Reviews: Top 5 problems with MP3 Players

There are several different issues plaguing the usage of mp3 players. Copying songs onto the mp3 players could possibly be a problem because of the device”s unknown connectivity issues. Those who don”t experience connectivity problems may later be completely unable to copy songs onto the mp3 player. Consistently, mp3 players have battery issues or a very short battery life. Some devices are sold even though they are corrupt altogether. more…

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Irvin Moore, Charlotte
25 April, 2011

Hi Joy, too bad about your player but I think you can get a bit more out of the battery by completely draining the battery and then charging it properly in cycle. Next time you are out looking for a player look for battery with more mAh value. mAh stands for Milliamp hours and the more mAh, the more the battery would stay…hope this helps.. Cheers!

Mary Smith, Indiana
18 April, 2011

It happened with me too. I was going on a trip on the weekend. I was transferring some of my favorite music tracks from my computer onto my media player so I could enjoy music while travelling. The moment I connect my MP3 player with my computer, don”t know why but my system refused to recognize it. I tried my utmost but was unable to connect my media player with my PC.

Death of a MP3 Player

Larry, Detroit
02 March, 2011

Oh the problems I have faced with my mp3 player. When I first received my mp3 player for Christmas I screamed out and clapped my hands in delight. The sleek surface, non daunting controls and popularity of the device consumed me with joy.

Eager to get started, I connected my mp3 player to my computer using the USB cord that accompanied my prized possession. After several seconds, then minutes, nothing happened. My computer didn’t even recognize the device. I called customer service and was told my player was faulty and would have to be replaced. Not something anyone wants to hear on Christmas day. After a couple weeks, my new mp3 player arrived and, just as eager as on Christmas, I connected the device to my computer. This time, the computer recognized the device and I was well on my way to musical heaven. Right? Wrong. I went on a downloading spree only to find my mp3 player would not upload my songs. None. I sighed and began scouring the customer service site “FAQs” to fix the problem. It seemed I needed to download a patch. After downloading said patch, my player accepted some songs, but others it refused by stating the file was “corrupt.” I was eventually able to start listening to my mp3 player. I tried running with it, but the ear buds kept escaping my ears so I had to purchase new headphones. Then, I had to purchase a case to attach to my arm. I thought all was well until my player stopped charging. Instead of getting a “charging” icon, all I got was a big round red circle with a line through it signifying the death of my mp3 player. It was only 6 months old. I will never purchase another mp3 player!

The Lack of Battery Life On My MP3 Player

Joy K. Garcia, IL
26 February, 2011

I don”t like to call myself forgetful, but some people would say that if my head wasn”t connected to my neck that I would leave it at home. Over the course of my very long vacations and business trips I have found myself missing some very important items from dress shoes to my credit cards. My source of entertainment on long flights and rides has always been listening to music and luckily I have never forgotten my MP3 player. On the other hand, I seem to forget my charger every single trip.

When choosing MP3 players I generally ask around for which player gets the absolute longest battery life. While other features such as storage size and song quality are important to me, it is the battery life that is always the deciding factor. 24 hours of actual playtime seemed to be the generic response when asking about the battery life of MP3 players and this is what I imagined it would be.

I decided to take the plunge and get the new MP3 player and take it on my trip. Of course, the very first thing that I forgot was my charger but luckily this time I was confident that it would last through 2 six hour flights and a few hour layover. Unfortunately I was sorely mistaken and after an eight hour full charge I made it through my first flight and halfway into my layover before the low battery began dinging and it was time to buy a newspaper and start reading.