iYogi reviews: “Top Five Computer Infections”

“Which type of infection is the worst?” or “Which type of infection will cause more damages to my computer?” are some of the common questions that usually arise in most of the computer user’s mind. To give you a clear idea about various computer infections, iYogi has released a review on “Top Five Computer Infections”. Viruses, Malware, Trojans, Spyware and Worms, that are the most dangerous computer infections that spread extensively throughout the computer and Internet. iYogi explains about various computer infections that can effect your computer very badly. This review creates awareness among users and further educate about all these dangerous threats.Read more…
Responses to iYogi Reviews

Chase Black

21 Mar, 2013

I really found iYogi’s top 5 reviews very helpful. Apart from this I also take help from your DIY videos on YouTube that provide easy to follow steps to resolve my simple computer problems. I would request you to keep updating your database as it is very helpful for novice users like me.

Cam Cahill

15 Feb, 2013

Viruses have always chased my life. Every now and then I keep installing files from the web that are virus infectfed. I knew I was doing something wrong, but wanted someone to guide me. I called iYogi technician, who carefully listened to my problem, checked my antivirus software, and updated it with all latest updates. He also gave me tips to securely download files on the Internet. Thank you iYogi! It’s been long that I have encountered a virus problem

Onika Maraj

17 Dec, 2012

I really appreciate you guys for bringing to our notice about the top 5 computer infections. This will help us in understanding the causes, symptoms and resolutions in getting of any situation related to such infections. Thanks a lot to you for such informative piece of write-up. I hope for more such informative and thoroughly researched articles in the recent future.

Mike Wazowski

5 Dec, 2012

Hey Tim! You are right bro that this is a very research based informative piece of write-up. I came to know about various issues that a PC user can witness at any given point in time while working on his laptop or desktop. Secondly, the information provided here can help the reader in avoiding the issues. Once again i would like to say that it is a very nice and researched article. keep on writing such informative piece of articles that can help pc users like me. Thanks!

Jenna Rotunno

26 Nov, 2012

I often face malware issues on my PC. even after installing best antivirus software, I was not able to escape malware issues. Through iYogi’s top 5 series I got to know about installing regular updates for antivirus. This was something I always ignored. But now I have updated my antivirus with all recent and important updates. Hope my problem will now be solved…

Sam Gonzalez

21 Nov, 2012

The first and only threat that even a common computer user is aware of is virus infection. I have been reading and listening about this threat since childhood. However, despite the widespread knowledge about this threat it is still there and will always be there. Thanks iyogi for spreading this awareness. Keep it up guys…

Stephanie Garcia

30 Oct, 2012

Iyogi guys helped me configure outlook on my computer,, I’m a complete computer novice and don’t know how to fix computer issues when they crop up… the technicians gave me complete assistance to solve my issues..their accent was not same as mine, but that was manageable… I’m a happy customer!

Dora Faust

26 Sep, 2012

Viruses are tough. And I used to get a lot of them… but iyogi solved the problem for me… very friendly staff… since my English is not very good… but the technician cooperated and gave me time to understand his instructions… He was understanding… he installed a new antivirus and gave me tips to protect my PC from virus attacks. Now there’s much less problem. Thank you iyogi…

Tim Gatt

24 Sep, 2012

Very informative review! I have got to learn about different computer infections and how to protect my PC from getting infected. I often face virus problems. But today, for the first time, I got to know that every time it’s not virus. Various other bugs can also cause infection. Thank you iyogi reviews team, you are doing a commendable job!

Novilia Ispendi

21 Sep, 2012

Recently, I faced a very bad computer infection that ate off my data and blocked me from accessing many of my documents. Not just this, it made my system super slow and I was not even able to operate my mails. That was when I came in contact with iyogi. I must say that the technicians gave me the perfect tech support. They not only scanned my system to detect all kinds of infection, they also updated my antivirus software for future benefits. Must say, iyogi technicians did a good job, except the initial wait time that was tiring. I also like iyogi reviews that give me sound information about various technical issues and ways to protect my system from them.

Cali Byrne

19 Sep, 2012

Virus infections have ruined my computer many a times. Even though I have best antivirus in place, I often get computer infections. iyogi reviews provided a nice insight on different computer problems. Now I’ll take proper measures to protect my computer against different infections.

Tammy Danner-chura

12 Sep, 2012

I recently faced a complete system crash due to a bad virus. I was thinking that my good old antivirus is protecting my system from viruses. However, it was only after I got in touch with iyogi technician that I came to know that regularly updating the antivirus software is equally important. If I would have got in touch with iyogi earlier, I would have not lost my important files due to virus attack.

Christina Marie Kersey

10 Sep, 2012

I had heard a lot about online threats. But iyogi reviews on top 5 computer infections has provided me a good and detailed understanding of the various infections. I have only heard of viruses, spyware, Trojans, malware, adware, etc. However, about their functioning, I was totally clueless. I really appreciate this thoroughly researched write-up on the top 5 common computer infections that a PC user can come across at any given point in time.

Lydia Peterson

3 Sep, 2012

Earlier I was not aware about different infections that can severely harm my computer. But when I read iyogi reviews on top five computer infections, I just got aware. Iyogi reviews have greatly helped me and now I take every important step to protect my computer from irritating infections.