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When our tech experts write articles, they take utmost care in providing complete information that helps customer understand the situation and react accordingly. iYogi reviews column is dedicated to product reviews and ongoing issues. Here iYogi review”s research team gives complete detail of any ongoing issues or a new product if you are looking for information may be a flaw or advantage.

Facing difficulty understanding the nature of problem, let the iYogi review team know about it they will help you decode the problem and help you with details of it. Issues are not complex we make them that way. As per study there are thousands and thousands of viruses being released every day. To secure computer one should always know how to prot ect it from these threats.

Read iYogi reviews column and get details on issues like password thefts, get complete information on how to get your passwords totally protected. Want to keep spammers at bay, go through our spam related articles and save your inbox from spam bombardments. What”s a difference between Virus and Trojan? How dangerous it is read all at iYogi reviews. Computer infections are dangerous till the time we don”t know about it.

iYogi Reviews: The topmost apps for Smartphones this Halloween

Halloween is a time of celebration and is a much awaited holiday for kids. In a number of countries around the world on October 31, when days are shorter and nights get colder, people continue to usher in the winter season. more…

iYogi reviews: “Top Five Computer Infections”

“Which type of infection is the worst?” or “Which type of infection will cause more damages to my computer?” are some of the common questions that usually arise in most of the computer user’s mind. more…

iYogi Reviews: Keep yourselves away from Wi-Fi Security gaps

We all love the convenience of Wi-Fi to stay connected anywhere our tablet PCs and smart phones take us. Wi-Fi hotspots are places where the user can access Internet over a wireless network. Airports, railway stations more…

iYogi Reviews: Difference between netbook and laptop

Laptops have redefined the way people use computers. The latest entrant in the field of computers is netbook. Users are often confused between a netbook and a laptop. The two differ from each other more…

iYogi Reviews: Top 5 laptop-related issues pertaining to mobile users

Laptops are ideal for all kinds of users. They not only make one”s computing experience richer, they also add a certain level of class to the freedom of mobility. Irrespective of what the model or the make of a laptop more…

iYogi Reviews highlight advantages of migrating to Windows® 7

Many users of Windows, who have been using their existing versions of Windows, might be skeptical about migrating to the latest offering from Microsoft, i.e., Windows 7, because of the lack of clarity more…

iYogi Reviews: Checklist of the Things to Consider Before Buying a Laptop

The number of brands and the diverse range of products out there in the market can baffle any new consumer who will wonder which one to choose. Different users have different requirements and your choice more…

iYogi Reviews: Top Security Measures for Social Networking Sites

Many people use social networking sites to communicate and stay connected with their relatives and friends. These sites are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals. The lack of physical contact on more…

iYogi Reviews for Top Online Banking and E-Commerce Pitfalls

One of the top e-commerce pitfalls is online credit card fraud. Online credit card fraud has truly deterred many customers from ever considering making purchases online. So many customers are turned off by the more…

iYogi Reviews: Backing up Important Data

iYogi can not only address backup related issues, but can also help you in taking the backup and restoring the same so that you can access your favorite programs as you boot up your computer more…

iYogi Reviews: Top 5 problems with MP3 Players

There are several different issues plaguing the usage of mp3 players. Copying songs onto the mp3 players could possibly be a problem because of the device”s unknown connectivity issues. more…

Trey Hobson

15 Feb, 2013

iYogi reviews of the top 5 issues is a quick answer to most of my PC problems. It highlights the most common issues and ways to work around the problem. Also, I would like to draw the usefulness of iYogi videos that have immensely helped me in the need of hour… thank you iyogi for all your help

Jerry Saltz

21 Jan, 2013

I am a big fan of your top 5 series. It helps me identify the actual cause behind the problems that derail my digital life every now and then. Sometimes the problems are simple, only a right clue is required to solve them and iYogi top 5 complaints help me do just that…

Alex Morgan

14 Jan, 2013

My MP3 player is my all time companion. It stays with me wherever I go. Once while traveling, it just stopped playing. I tried to repair it, but couldn’t even found out the problem. Through iYogi reviews I got to know what was happening to my MP3. Even I got the solution in the reviews.

Gharian Carroll

10 Jan, 2013

Ur Halloween apps were great and provided me easy tips and ideas for Halloween. I have also read your article on wi-fi security gaps. I found both the articles very useful. I will surely follow all your advices to keep my internet connection safe and secure…

Peter T, NY

11 Aug, 2012

I was out shopping for a netbook but was confused as I found laptops more conducive to my needs. Then I chanced upon iYogi reviews and suddenly all was clear to me; I made my choice in a jiffy!


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