What is Antivirus software

How Antivirus software can protect laptops against intruders.

Antivirus software compares the suspicious site against an entire collection of known viruses and check whether it resembles any of those or not.An efficient software would ensure that the normal operations are not affected by its check. Antivirus software needs to make frequent updates, preferably on a hourly basis. New viruses and malware are developed continuously and the Antivirus vendors develop counter measures to deal with them on day-by-day basis. Updates could achieved by automatically connecting to your website via the Internet and downloading the necessary files. You can update the Antivirus manually or automatically. You could make necessary changes in the setting to perform an automatic update for your Antivirus. You could schedule automatic update for your Antivirus. You could do a manual update by selecting manual update option where in the product would get connected with the manufacturer website and get synchronized to download the new updates.

Pros and cons of Antivirus software and how it can protect against intruders:

  • Real time scanning

  • Automatic Updates

  • Cons of Antivirus software

Real time scanning

Real time scanning is the most important benefit of the Antispyware programs. The program once installed should reside on your system, it will work in the back ground and thus provides maximum security without disturbing your work. An antispyware should be able to identify all kinds of threats like Adware, spyware, Trojans and the harmful key loggers. Only through real time scanning, the antispyware could offer maximum security to the system.

Automatic Updates

There is no point in having an Antispyware software program which does not update the spyware definitions automatically and at periodic intervals. Through the real time, you could add more features to the antispyware and thus they become more powerful catch the hidden spywares from the system. The manufacturer’s web site offers the latest updates of the software and you just need to install that in to the system.

Cons of Antivirus software

Even antivirus software offers better protection against malwares, this might have make some issues to the system. System slow performance is the main among them. If the system contains more than one antivirus software, then the system performance will get slow down in to a larger extent. Conflicts and error messages are other issues that might occur with the Antivirus software.

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