Resolve the issue when laptop shuts down automatically

Is your laptop automatically shutting down? Find out how to solve the problem.

Problems can come up with the most reliable of computers and this includes laptops. There are many different components within your laptop (software and hardware included) and problems with even one of the working components can cause many serious issues with the working of computers. Some of the common problems that might come up on a laptop include system freeze, shutdown problems, startup problems, blue screen errors, system errors, application corruption. Shutdown issues on laptops include automatic system shutdown issue. This problem would cause data loss and make working on the system very difficult as users would not have any idea when the system is going to shut down. Your laptop might be shutting down automatically because of reasons such as malware infections within the system, registry related issues, problems with some of the system files of the OS. The laptop shutting down automatically issue can be damaging to the hardware or software components on the system and has to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Following details gives users more information regarding tips to fix laptop automatic shut down issue:

  • Remove infections

  • Fix registry errors

  • Repair Operating System

Remove infections

Automatic system shutdown issue on your laptop might be caused by malware. Malware infect and change important system files so as to cause such problems. The automatic laptop shutdown issue on your laptop caused by malware can be resolved by removing the malware infections from the system using an updated antivirus program or malware removal tool.

Fix registry errors

Registry is the place where all essential information regarding the working of the system are stored and accessed when required. Registry entries are created automatically and they tend to increase to very large numbers and develop errors as the system is used. Errors or conflicts within the registry can cause system to shut down automatically. All laptop users having the system shutting down automatically are suggested to fix the errors in the registry by cleaning the registry with a good registry cleaning software.

Repair operating system

Damage to some of the system files essential for the smooth and sequential shut down of the system can also cause automatic shutdown of your laptop. In such cases, the problem can be only resolved by repairing the Operating System using the default OS repair tool and the installation disc. If some changes to system files brought up the automatic shutdown issue, then restoring the OS to a previous restore point would also solve the issue.

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