Tips to avoid issues from affecting laptop BIOS recovery procedure

How does one carry out the laptop BIOS recovery process?

The BIOS recovery procedure requires the user to download BIOS update utility from a website. The need to recover the BIOS arises when the user tries to boot their laptop device and the system diasppoints. In such situations, the user should download the update utility for a particular laptop device from the manufacturer's website with the help of another computer. After performing the download process, the user should change the file type to .hdr extension. For this process, the user should move to the MS-DOS prompt and then type ‘update utility file name’– write hdrfile and press the 'Enter' key. Then the downloaded utility would change to .hdr extension file and the user should copy the file to a disc. Then the user must turn their laptop on after which the BIOS recovery procedure needs to be carried out by inserting the disc. The system would automatically recover BIOS from the disc. Remove the disc and then the laptop device would perform the recovery process perfectly from next time onward.

Discussed below are some tips to prevent certain issues from affecting the BIOS recovery procedure:

  • Download BIOS from proper source

  • Initiate recovery process only after understanding the issue

  • Tips to remember

Download BIOS from proper source

The BIOS update utility downloaded from any of the websites should be a valid file. Else the recovery process would result in failure. So, the user should take some extra care while finding the update file. Visiting the manufacturer's website is the perfect solution to this problem. Navigate to the laptop manufacturer's website and move to the download center there. Then provide the laptop model number along with the service rag number and operating system specifications. Then search for the BIOS update utility and download the appropriate file.

Initiate recovery only after understanding the issue

Users are forced to start the BIOS recovery process when their laptop device fails to boot. The system may turn off immediately while running and it may fail to turn on even after the user provides sufficient power. It could be one the symptoms of system BIOS corruption. But many other causes also result in such issues. So, the user should ensure that the issue has arisen due to a failed or corrupted BIOS when such symptoms do occur. Else the recovery process carried out in the laptop system would damage the device.

Tips to remember

The user should follow some tips while performing the BIOS recovery process in order to ensure that the whole procedure is successful. The process of changing the file type of the downloaded utility should be performed carefully in the 'Command' prompt window. The user should first move to the directory in which the file has been saved in the system in the MS-DOS. Then they must type the command to change the file extension.

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