Fix the issue when black screen appears while turning on the laptop

What are the guidelines to resolve the issue when black screen appears while turning on the laptop?

The presence of black screen when you switch on the laptop is a common problem with laptop and it can be fixed smoothly. When the black screen pops up, the system boot up fails and you may be stuck at it. This occurs due to the presence of missing file or you have enabled file compression and the Operating System compresses the entire files resulting in black screen. Other reason for the occurrence of black screen is the display driver problems or it may be due to the presence of any mode which monitor cannot display. Remotely it can be due to boot failure, which is caused by BIOS corruption and you need to rest or you can replace CMOS battery. The cleaning up of system using antivirus or antimalware tool to wipe out virus, worms, and spyware is a good idea to fix the issue.

The following are the different cases in which black screen occurs and solutions to the problem:

  • OS Failure

  • Due to threats

  • General Solutions

OS Failure

The main cause of black screen occurring when you turn on the laptop is due to failure in system files or due to any corruption in Operating System file. For resolving this insert the installation disc and use, Windows repair tool to fix the issue. You may do the system restore for restoring the system back to the specific restore point. This process can also fix any system file failure because it replaces the corrupted system files.

Due to threats

The occurrence of black screen when the laptop is turned on can be due to the presence of threats in any form like malware, spyware, or adware. For resolving this install, a good antivirus software or a malware removal tool and do a complete system scan. You can use safe mode to do the system healing.

General Solutions

You can download system patch for easy remedy to the black screen problem. The system patch when installed can fix any missing file or any patch failure. The registry failure can lead to system problem resulting in the black screen. You may download a registry cleaner or registry repair from the Internet and use it to fix the issue with it. You may also try to fix the issue if any specific application caused the problem.

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