Laptop Black Screen Issue

What is the reason for black screen issue in laptops and how can it be fixed?

The black screen can appear on a laptop at any time. It may appear at the time of start up, or at the time of shut down process, or it at the time of working on something in your laptop. To avoid the black screen error, check whether your laptop battery is charged and is properly plugged in. Sometimes, it will work correctly after a restart of the laptop. Sometimes it can happen because the buttons on the side of the laptop is depressed when the lid of the laptop is closed. Also make sure that it is not stuck or broken because of any reason. The black screen occurs on the laptop because of any recent changes that you had done in your laptop. In that case roll back to system restore point or format your hard drive completely.

Let’s discuss some points about the laptop black screen:

  • Reasons for black screen

  • Consequences

  • Tips to fix the problem

Reasons for black screen

The laptop screen can go black due to several reasons. This can be due to laptop screen asleep or impact damage. If your laptop is in sleep mode the screen can turn to black. Sleep mode helps you to conserve power and it will turn back to normal when you start working on the laptop again. At that time press any key to fix the problem. The black screen can be caused because the laptop might have fallen and the display screen might have cracked. The black screen can also happen because of the disrupted display chip. If this is the reason you can get the chip or screen replaced.


When the screen of your laptop goes black while you are working on some important data then it will prevent the user from accessing the important files and information that are stored in the laptop. The black screen will prevent the user from seeing what is happening in the laptop screen even if some messages are displayed by the system itself. If the black screen error occurs while the shut down process then the laptop will not be shut down properly and this may result in other problems.

Tips to fix the problem

First of all take out the battery from your laptop. Now remove the AC adapter cord of the laptop. Then hold down the power button for at least 30 seconds. This will help your laptop system board to drain the static electricity that had been built up in that. After 30 seconds connect the AC adapter of your laptop and press on the power button and see whether it had recovered from the black screen or not. In most of the times this will fix the black screen problem of laptop.

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