How to Resolve Laptop Blue Screen of Death Issues

Get to know more about ways to resolve laptop blue screen of death issues.

Blue screen of death is a common term used by computer users to describe the error page that comes up so often in Microsoft Windows. Blue screen of death is rarely means death for the computer, it can be an annoyance and if it begins to show up frequently it can be a sign that the computer is suffering from a serious problem. The blue screen of death is an error screen of white letters with a blue background that often appears due to a critical error. Blue screen of deaths can be caused by a huge number of computer problems, so the best method to eliminate problems will depend on the cause of the error.

Following points explains about the common causes of blue screen of death error on a laptop and the possible ways to avoid and fix the error:

  • Hardware issues

  • Virus infection

  • Troubleshoot

Hardware issues

Hardware errors such as errors from ancillary products like an external CD drive, a flash drive, or even a printer can cause the blue screen of death. This can be due to the hardware failure or even be correlated to the user unplugging the hardware in the middle of an operation. The blue screen of death commonly shows up during the installation process of a new piece of software or due to the corrupted Operating System.

Virus infection

Dangerous files such as Trojan horses, viruses and worms have the ability to damage the computer system components and cause blue screen of death errors. Many of these applications secretly install on the computer system and modify settings in the registry. Then the Windows Operating System may lead to errors and that cause the computer to crash. These malicious programs are also capable to adjust startup and shutdown settings that causing the computers performance to diminish which results in frequently displayed blue screen of death errors.


To troubleshoot the blue screen of death, first uninstall or replace recently installed hardware, software and drivers. Then disable automatic restarting, to do this right click on my computer select properties then click on advanced system settings option. Click settings under the startup and recovery tab, uncheck the box called ‘automatically restart’ under the system failure tab and then click the ok button. It will prevent Windows from restarting when you get blue screen errors.

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