Configure Bluetooth® Software in a Laptop

What is the utility of laptop Bluetooth software? What are the tips to configure it in a laptop and solving issues with that?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology used. This can be used to transfer the files and data between the systems. You can perform this type file transfer in the some range of Bluetooth. While connecting both devices, you need to make sure that both devices are not far apart. You need to turn on Bluetooth in both the devices. For every device to work, it would need the software. Many of the laptops have got built-in Bluetooth adapter. If you need to use Bluetooth in system, you would have to install drivers for that. If any laptop is not having a built-in Bluetooth facility, you need to connect an external Bluetooth device to the system. Then install software for that.

Below given points are about the tips to configure laptop Bluetooth and solving the issues:

  • Tips to configure

  • Check the software

  • Other tips to solve

Tips to configure

You need to download the Bluetooth utility software in the system. This type of utility is capable to provide both the device driver and also the Bluetooth service management tools which are needed for adapter. After the software gets installed, it would add the shortcut for My Bluetooth Places to the desktop. Open My Bluetooth Places in the Windows Explorer. In that folder you can see the devices and the services. Many other Bluetooth operations would be there in the taskbar. You can open Bluetooth configuration utility from the icon present in system tray. You can also open that from the 'View or modify configuration task' which is present in the My Bluetooth Places.

Check the software

You need to make sure that the software that you are using in the laptop is the genuine one. If the utility that you are using in the system is corrupted version, you would not be able to complete the configuration in the right way. There would be errors. Sometimes compatibility issues would also cause the failed configuration. The utility that you have used may not match with the Bluetooth device in the laptop or the adapter. Also check its compatibility with the Operating System present in the system. If you use the utility which is compatible with the device and the OS you can configure that without any errors.
Other tips to solve

If the Bluetooth device present in the laptop or the Bluetooth adapter is having any problems that would lead to the configuration failure. There are chances that, these adapters get damaged by some means. You may check its working by looking the device status from the Device Manger. Then check the settings of the utility. It is seen that if the system is having virus threats, they would prevent the configuration. You would get failed configuration error message there. So you need to keep the system free from all viruses before configuring.
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