Laptop Boot from USB

Discuss tips to enable the laptop boot from USB.

There are some tips to avoid commonly arising issues while booting laptop from USB. You need to ensure that the 'USB HDD' or 'USB ZIP' is selected only once in the boot sequence. You need to take care of setting its priority before the hard disc drive. This is to avoid any type of conflicts. You need to take care of cleaning or formatting the USB before you make your laptop enabled for booting from USB. You are advised to do so as the USB is vulnerable to infections. It is always good to make the booting option in safe mode first while booting from USB. This is to avoid any possible damages to laptop.

Following are some tips to enable the laptop boot from USB:

  • Configure device options

  • Configure BIOS

  • Use Plop Boot Manager

Configure device options

The first step in enabling the laptop boot from USB is to configure the device options. It can be accessed from Advanced Menu of the laptop. You need to find and enable 'USB legacy support' menu. You need to then get the 'Device Security' option from 'Security' menu. You can then enable the option 'CD-ROM boot and/or Floppy boot.' Next step is to select 'Save Changes and Exit' at the 'File' menu. You can save changes by pressing the 'F10' key. The system will then start to reboot.

Configure BIOS

At the rebooting time, you need to press the function key to enter the BIOS. You need to then select 'Boot' tab from BIOS menu. In the boot device menu, select either 'USB' or 'USB HDD' options. You need to then press the functions key to save these changes. You can then see the system booting up with USB.

Use the Plop Boot Manager

The Plop Boot Manager is the new software that was designed to assist you in booting operations. You need to download the software from websites and then extract these files to any desired folder. You need to burn the plpbt.iso image to the USB. The USB can be used for booting thereafter. You need to reboot the laptop and it can start booting from CD. You need to then select the USB as boot device in the new screen appearing.

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