Access Laptop Boot Menu

What are the ways to access boot menu of a laptop?

Booting is the process of loading Operating System when the computer is turned on. The boot options are available from Windows Operating system. You might see advanced start up options in the computer. The menu displayed will be advanced start up options. You might use any of the options for the start up mode. You will see 'Safe Mode', or 'Safe Mode with Networking', which could be used for checking Internet connection while troubleshooting system problems. Based on these options, you need to select any particular option. The boot menu will reside on the screen till an option is selected. In order to access boot menu, you need press 'F8' repeatedly. This will take you to the boot menu. This function key might differ according to the manufacturer or laptop model.

The following are some of the issues that may arise while accessing boot menu of a laptop and ways to resolve it:

  • Bad quality display

  • Can’t access 'Safe Mode'

  • Options in 'Safe Mode'

Bad quality display

If after accessing the boot menu, you are obtaining bad display on the screen, it is caused by the computer running in 'Safe Mode'. During the 'Safe Mode' operation, only basic device drivers might be uploaded for the Windows. This is also a troubleshooting mode. During the operation of the computer in 'Safe Mode', only basic device drivers will be running.

Can’t access 'Safe Mode'

The issues while accessing the 'Safe Mode' is caused due to tampering of system files in Windows XP. This might be caused due to virus and other malwares. You need to install an antivirus in the computer and perform a full scan. After performing the full scan, you might be able to remove the malwares from the computers. If system files are tampered then, you might need to reinstall the system files.

Options in 'Safe Mode'

The 'Safe Mode' option uses a minimal set of devices drivers and services to start Windows. The 'Safe Mode with Networking' option loads minimum drivers and devices in order to start networking. The option with 'Command Prompt' loads 'cmd.exe' instead of Windows Explorer. The 'Enable VGA mode' lets Windows start in 640*480 mode by using video driver and 'Last Known Good Configuration' loads the last best configuration. You have other options like 'Normal Startup', 'Reboot' and 'Return to OS Choices Menu'.

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