Laptop connections

Things needed for connecting the Laptop via the Internet

Being mobile is the slogan of today and laptop is the perfect example of this modern age facility. Carrying around your laptop is not enough, you also need to stay connected to your home or office while on the go. If you want to connect your laptop to Internet, then there are certain things you will need to have in your system. Let us have a look at these things required for making laptop connections, whether they are software programs or hardware components.

Following are the things needed for making laptop connections to the Internet:

  • Device drivers

  • Communication protocols

  • Internet browser software

  • The Internet service provider

  • Other hardware components needed to make the laptop connections

Device drivers

Whichever modem, data card or other mode of connection you are using, you will need to keep your laptop updated with the latest device drivers. Without these drivers, you will not be able to operate your device on your laptop and ultimately, you will be unsuccessful in making the laptop connections.

Communication protocols

When you connect your laptop to the Internet and communicate with another computer in any part of the world, then both of them need a set of instructions so that they can understand each other’s instructions. In simple words, these are set of rules which both the computers have to follow in order to be able to communicate with each other. Basically, these are communication protocols that determine how data is transferred from one computer to the other through Internet. Communication protocols are also responsible for defining data packet size, signaling, authentication, data compression, retransmission of packets and error checking, so that the way through which data will be transferred is determined.

Internet browser software

If you want to connect your laptop to the Internet, then the first thing you will need is an Internet browser. Most of the computer systems come loaded with Internet Explorer as their default Internet browser, but you can install another advanced one as per your preferences and requirements. Some other Internet browser software programs available for download are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera web browser.

The Internet service provider

Another important thing you need to make laptop connections is an Internet service provider. This is a company which is responsible for providing you access to the Internet. This company uses appropriate data transmission technology to connect its customers to the Internet such as DSL, dial-up, wireless, cable modem or dedicated connections. An Internet service provider may also give you an Internet email account which will allow you to send and receive electronic messages.

Other hardware components needed to make the laptop connections

In order to connect your laptop to the Internet, you will also need a good quality modem or a Wi-Fi adapter. You can either choose a cable company, private Internet service provider or phone company to set up the connection for you. Other than that, you will also need a subnet mask, an IP address and default gateway.

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