Details about laptop data recovery software

What is data recovery software? What are the methods to recover data from a laptop?

Data is the most important part of a system. But sometimes, data can be lost, or the system itself may fail to perform its tasks and thus you cannot perform a single task on your system. In these situations, you need to find any of the data recovery methods from your dead system. Various software tools are available for recovering data from a dead system or to recover damaged data itself. Such software is known as data recovery software. This software can be different for different files systems. For example, the recovery software suitable for FAT may not work with NTFS. So you have to select the appropriate data recovery software. Most of these data recovery softwares are effective for recovering corrupt data, recover data from damaged hard disk, from damaged system and during many such critical conditions. NTFS data recovery software, is an example of data recovery software effective for NTFS file system.

Following points explains different methods to recover data of a dead laptop:

  • Data recovery from proper hard disk

  • To recover damaged data

  • From damaged hard disk

Data recovery from proper hard disk

If the hard disk on the system is proper, you can recover data from that hard disk even if the system is damaged. In this case, you need to remove the hard disk with the help of service manual available from the system manufacturer. This process is simple and can be performed easily. After doing this, you need to connect the hard disk to another PC. The hard drive adaptor can be used to connect the hard disk in this method. Once connected to another system, you can copy data from the hard disk to that system.

To recover damaged data

Sometimes data on the dead system may get damaged. In this case you need to recover the important data. Some software are there to access such damaged data. Unstoppable Copier is an example is such a tool that can be used to recover damaged data from the system. If this fails to read any file, then its better to skip that file and you can continue with all other files for a damaged hard disk.

From damaged hard disk

If the hard disk on the system gets damaged, then data recovery process is more complex than all other cases. In this case, it’s necessary to work with an unbootable CD from Windows. Using this unbootable CD, you can enter the system and the data can be accessed.

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