Methods to keep laptop data secure and ways to keep Windows® safe

What are the ways to protect a laptop? What are the methods to keep Windows data safe?

Windows is an integral part of the system. There are chances of a hacker entering the system and create security issues for the whole system. You need to secure Windows to provide better security for the system. There are various methods to protect Windows. Windows Update is the most important method that you need to protect the system from unexpected crashes and work failure. Automatic Updates feature in Windows can access proper updates for all of the applications including security softwares. This actually enhances security of Windows itself. You have to turn off all unnecessary links on your system. File sharing is such a method that you need to turn it off if you are not working with that feature. Strong passwords are necessary for all important files on Windows. Only this can protect data from unnecessary access. If your system is a standalone system, then it is better to turn off all guest accounts.

Following points explain some methods to secure data on your system:

  • Drive encryption methods

  • Fingerprint readers

  • Avoid online hackers

Drive encryption methods

Most users think that a password protected system is always safe. But you cannot provide full data security to your system even with a single password. A powerful hacker can access those passwords easily. Drive encryption is a method to save data on your system effectively. Through this, each of the drives can be encrypted and data loss can be reduced in to a certain extent. This is safer than simple password protection.

Fingerprint readers

Most laptop systems now come with a special feature called Fingerprint reader. This is actually one of the safest methods to protect data on your system. Through this, you can lock the system with you own fingerprint. Only after reading that fingerprint, will the system open. You need to enable that method on your system and be sure that fingerprint reading is completed properly.
Avoid online hackers

Online hackers are dangerous and can access data from the system. If you connect your system to Internet periodically, the chance of online hacking is greater. You should be careful while opening any unauthorized websites on your system. Proper antispyware or antiadware can prevent spyware and adware that may enter the system through unauthorized websites. It is also necessary to update security software at proper intervals.
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