Disabling Touchpad in Laptop

How to disable touchpad in laptop?

As laptops are mainly of compact and flexible nature, the mouse has always been an obstruction to achieve this task. Thus, a touchpad can replace the mouse in laptops to navigate the cursor thereby enabling the input feeding. Touchpad on laptop is a very sensitive and delicate unit which performs all activities of a mouse. The main difference between the touchpad and the mouse is that mechanical ball to move around is not present in touchpad. Touchpad operates in two ways: capacitive sensing and conductance sensing. This technology is the process of sensing the capacitative virtual ground effect of a finger, or capacitance between sensors. Gloved fingers may sometimes prove to be problematic in touchpad. In such cases, you can attach a mouse and use it. The durability is less in touchpad when compared to mouse as it uses the principle of sensing which needs good surface quality to ensure proper operation.

Following are the ways to disable touchpad on laptop:

  • Need to disable

  • Ways to disable

  • Tips

Need to disable

It is a fact that touchpad on laptop needs enough care as it is a very sensitive and more prone to damage. Even though the touchpad in laptop is a very convenient and useful navigation tool, certain people may become annoyed because it redirects the cursor to another part of the screen at the slightest touch. In such a case, you can use the mouse after disabling the touchpad.

Ways to disable

First of all open 'Control Panel' and change the view to 'Classic View'. If any other view is enabled, click on 'Classic View' view link on the left sidebar. Now double click the mouse icon and open 'Device Settings' to select touchpad in the list that appears in the tab. Now, you can click on 'Disable' button to disable the touchpad. Finally click 'Apply' to confirm teh change in settings. This is the authenticated way to disable touchpad utility on laptop.


The laptop with advanced settings may confuse you while disabling the touchpad. This can be avoided by referring to the user manual. If all the steps are followed properly and still you fail to disable the touch pad, then it is better to consult the support team/ manufacturer of your laptop.

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