Disabling Wi-Fi® in Laptop

Discuss the various ways to disable Wi-Fi in laptops?

Wi-Fi connectivity is available in all the latest laptops. The Wi-Fi technology lets users to connect to the Internet from any location in a Wi-Fi network. It eliminates the need of cables or modems that are required for Ethernet. So, you can take your laptop to any Wi-Fi zone and have free access to the network. The main advantage is user stays connected all the time. Even when the user moves out of his home or office, he can remain connected to network through other connectivity options. There are many free Wi-Fi zones in coffee shops, restaurants, motels or office space. You can easily connect to a Wi-Fi network at these places. Go to network connections and select Wi-Fi network, which has maximum range and press connect. You may have to enter password in most cases. The security options are WEP and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) encryption. You can select appropriate security measure before starting Wi-Fi.

Following are the ways to disable Wi-Fi in laptops:

  • Disable Wi-Fi connectivity

  • Disable LAN driver

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

Disable Wi-Fi connectivity

Follow these steps to disable Wi-Fi connectivity: Go to 'Control Panel' in 'Start' menu. Navigate to 'Network Connections' in 'Control Panel'. Select 'Wireless Network Connections' icon and right click on it. Proceed to 'Disable' option in the drop down menu and select it. Wireless LAN is now disabled. In some laptops, there will be dedicated key for wireless connectivity. Use the button accordingly to enable/disable the Wi-Fi connectivity.

Disable LAN driver

To disable LAN driver, follow these steps: Go to 'Control Panel' in the 'Start' menu. Navigate through the steps by selecting 'Systems' icon in 'Control Panel'. Select 'Hardware' tab and then 'Device Manager'. Locate the 'Network Adapters' in the list and expand the plus sign. Now, right click on the 'wireless device driver' in the 'Network Adapters' icon and select 'Disable' option from the list. The LAN driver will be disabled.

Wi-Fi connectivity problems

Wi-Fi connection sometimes needs to be disabled for security reasons. In some cases when you go to Network Connection and disable Wi-Fi, operation may not be successful. The selection may get stuck. For this, you have to close all windows and try again after sometime. In other case, disabling may not result in Wi-Fi connectivity light going off. In susch case, you have to reboot the system to solve the issue.

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