Enabling Bluetooth® in Laptop

What is the function of a bluetooth in a laptop?

Bluetooth is the name of a specific wireless protocol which is used for connecting devices easily. The Bluetooth connection is automatic and wireless. It can be used for connecting any electronic devices that support this technology. It is mainly used for connecting to the web for surfing through wireless web connection. By using Bluetooth, you can connect a laptop to cell phones, PDAs, mouse, keyboard, headphones, digital cameras etc. For connecting to a cell phone, the Bluetooth must first be enabled so that you can download data from the cell phones to your laptop. By connecting to the PDAs, you can share information. For connecting to any devices, the first thing to do is to enable the Bluetooth in both the devices.

Discussed below are some points on enabling Bluetooth in a laptop:

  • Ways to enable Bluetooth

  • Issues

  • Solutions

Ways to enable Bluetooth

There are different ways for enabling Bluetooth in laptops. If the Bluetooth in the laptop is disabled, to enable it, press the 'Bluetooth' key which is usually the 'F2' button. Another way of enabling Bluetooth is restarting the computer and then immediately pressing 'F10' for accessing the set-up panel. Use 'Arrow' keys for navigating through the advanced menu item in the set-up panel and select the 'Device' option. If the status of the Bluetooth is disabled in the device options panel, use arrow keys to move to the Bluetooth option and press 'Space bar' for enabling it. Press 'F10' for accepting the changes you have made. Navigate to the file menu item and use arrow keys to save the changes and then exit from there. Now, once again press 'Enter' and 'F10' for completing the set-up and restart your laptop.


Even if the Bluetooth in laptops is enabled, sometimes it may not work. Sometimes, it may not detect the devices trying to connect to the laptop even if the Bluetooth is activated in the laptop and in the devices as well. This may happen due to many reasons. Some of the reasons can be corrupted drivers, incorrect Bluetooth settings, and faulty Bluetooth module in laptops etc.


First of all, make sure that the Bluetooth is enabled in the devices that are trying to connect to the laptop. Make sure that you have switched on the wireless switch in the laptop. If there is no icon of Bluetooth in the 'Control panel', it might be running from other applications like wireless assistant in HP etc. You may also find the Bluetooth connection from networks. The 'Bluetooth' icon would be blue in color if it is enabled; otherwise it would be red. Now make sure that the device that is trying to connect is in a discoverable area. Even if the devices are in the discoverable mode and the Bluetooth is working, connect to another Bluetooth device other than the laptop for checking. If it doesn’t work, there can be a problem with the Bluetooth device. Even if it is not working, perform a system restore to the finest date when the laptop had no issues. Sometimes, Bluetooth would not work because of the bandwidth limit. This may be because of corrupted drivers; so, reinstall the Bluetooth drivers.

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