Enable Touchpad in Laptop

How to enable touchpad in laptops?

Touchpad is the utility in laptops to navigate the cursor. It is considered as an alternate of mouse and saves that space to place the mouse. As laptops mainly aim at being compact and flexible, mouse is always an obstruction. Thus a touchpad can replace the mouse in laptops to navigate the cursor and also enables the input feeding. Touchpad commonly operate in two ways such as capacitive sensing and conductance sensing. The most common technology is the process of sensing the capacitative virtual ground effect of a finger, or the capacitance between sensors. Gloved fingers may sometimes prove as problematic with touchpad. Thus, touchpad is a good utility to work with. There are some inconveniences reported by the users like it is harder to hit the correct point. In such cases, they can attach a mouse and use it. The durability is very less in touchpad as compared to mouse as it uses the principle of sensing which need good surface quality to ensure proper operation.

Following are the important points related to touchpad in laptops:

  • Touchpad utility

  • Ways to enable

  • Related tips

Touchpad utility

Touchpad on laptop is a very sensitive unit which acts like a mouse. The main difference of touchpad with mouse is that the part named mechanical ball to move around is not there in touchpad. The touchpad may become dirty, work abnormally and not function correctly if it is not maintained properly. So touchpad on laptops needs enough care. It is advisable to always follow right steps to enable and disable the touchpad utility.

Ways to enable

First of all, click 'Start' button and click on 'ControlPanel'. Now you can choose 'Mouse' and select the 'Device Settings' tab. You have to preferably highlight the 'touchpad' in the list of devices and click on 'Enable' button. Click 'Apply' and then 'OK' button.

Related tips

Although enabling and disabling touchpad on laptops is very simple, there are some problems that may come up when enabling touchpads. These issues include touchpad not getting enabled, error messages like touchpad cannot be enabled, etc. Such problems occur because the drivers for touchpad or other drivers installed on the system are incompatible, and are clashing with each other when the touchpad is enabled. Finding the incompatible driver and disabling or replacing it with compatible version would solve the problem. Other issues include errors within the Operating System files associated with the functioning of touchpad. Clearing out registry entries using a registry cleaning software and repairing damaged system files using default Operating System repair tool would solve problems related to touchpad.

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