Tips to enable wireless on a laptop

How can one enable wireless on a laptop? What are the compatibility issues and system requirements that are to be taken care of?

Wireless networking is one of the newer technologies in networking. In wireless networking, the laptop will be able to connect to a network without any wires. The data will be transferred wirelessly to another laptop or another wireless router. You have to check that you have installed the correct device drivers for the wireless network adapter. There should be proper compatibility between the driver and the wireless network adapter. For that examine the properties of adapter in device manager and then install the driver corresponding to that from the manufacture’s website. Always try to update the drivers. Make sure that the updated driver works efficiently for your wireless network. After installing drivers turn on the wireless feature in laptop and in the router. It is possible to enable the wireless on a laptop by selecting network connections from control panel. You need to choose the wireless network adapter in the Network Connections window and choose the properties for enabling it.

The following are some of the issues while enabling wireless on a laptop and tips to fix them:

  • Repair wireless connections

  • Check wireless network adapter

  • Check wireless router

Repair wireless connections

In Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), there is a repair capability for enhanced wireless connections. When you are repairing a wireless connection, first you have to disable it and then re-enable, this would clear error conditions on wireless network adapters. You could also get the repair capability by double-clicking the wireless connection icon in your system tray and then by clicking the support tab.

Check the wireless network adapter

In Windows XP, the latest Operating systems, there is a provision for Windows re-detect the wireless adapter. You might remove the adapter from the PCMCIA slot or USB port. Then re-insert it while Windows is running. You might look for lights in the wireless network adapter. Light might be on or blinking. If the light is seen off then you have to re-insert the adapter. You have to update the wireless adapter software and drivers. It would be available in the manufacturer website.

Check the wireless router

The power light should be solid so that it is on. If it is not on check the power adapter. The test light is on only when we turn on or reset the router. If it is always on then there will be some mechanical problem. You have to repair that. The Internet link should be on if the router is connected to a LAN, DSL, or Cable modem. And the DSL or Cable modem should be on and the light should be solid.

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