How to Use Restore factory Setting Option in Laptops

Get to know more about the ways and the consequences of using restore factory settings in laptops.

Default settings or configurations of any computer system are called factory settings and these settings can be built in. There are several methods and procedures by which we can restore factory settings in a computer and laptop. Factorizing is a common method for media, which contains a backup of the original factory form of a computer or laptop as configured by an original equipment producer. You can maintain, and restore your computer system by the factory settings. If you use this method in your laptop, you can recover all the lost or damaged data and laptop's settings will come again in original order. If you have a laptop that has malfunctioned, then you can restore the system to operating condition by using the system restore utility.

Following points explain the use of restore factory settings option in laptops and the consequences of using restore factory settings feature in laptop:

  • Use

  • Consequences

  • Factorizing


The Operating System installed in your laptop's hard drive can experience serious issues if it contracts a virus program or you install conflicting software programs. If the issue becomes bad enough, you may want to scrap the entire Operating System and start over with a clean installation. In this case, your laptop can be reset back to its factory settings by using the Operating System recovery program that was packaged with the laptop. As many troubleshooting and repair options are available, restoring your laptop back to factory settings is the best way to solve some of the Windows issues.


System restore takes a snapshot of the Windows registry entries and thus is able to restore drivers and software settings, but it often does not save or restore user created data. System restore restores system files not from your entire computer data collection. It is not as comprehensive as hard drive data backup program. The method of factory settings in your laptop will remove all your special or personal data from the hard disk. So before you factorizing the laptop you should backup all the important or essential data.


In order to factorize your laptop, first you have to back up your files on the laptop. Disconnect any nonessential peripheral devices and make sure that your laptop is connected to the AC adapter. Then insert the restore disc and restart the laptop. Press F8 key before the Windows logo appears to access the advanced options menu during the reboot. Select ‘repair your computer’ option and press the enter key. Click the restore back to factory settings option. Then your laptop will begin the restore process. When the process is over click the finish button and your laptop will restart.

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