Hibernate Mode in a Laptop

What is hibernate mode and what are the techniques to use the hibernate mode in a laptop?

Hibernation mode is one of the best features available in the Windows system. When you opt hibernate option, you are actually turning the system off. That means, during hibernation, the laptop doesn’t use any battery power unlike the standby mode. Hibernation keeps all the data in the system to a file called hiberfil.sys. Only after that, the system will be turned off. The power-saving state in Windows takes less power from the system. Hibernation is better when you won’t have any need to charge the battery. When the system is turned on, all the data from the hiberfil.sys will be restored in to the original condition. Sometimes, you need click on the mouse or touchpad to turn on the system from hibernate mode.

Following are the details about the hibernate option in Windows 7:

  • Role

  • Use of hibernate

  • Method in hibernate


Hiberfil.sys is the file used to save all the data in the system and thus, the files will be kept in the system safely. You could restore the data from the system even if you change the battery and switch off the main. So the main role of the hibernation is to avoid the chance of data loss. This also allows the user to reduce the power in the system. Even all the data is stored in the system; this process needs only a small amount of power.

Use of hibernate

The hibernate option helps the user to keep data in the system. This helps the user to avoid the unexpected data loss from the system. These files are stored in the hiberfil.sys folder and when the user needs, these files can be restored from this folder.

Method in hibernate

In order to enable hibernate, you need to use the option available in the power settings. In Windows XP Operating system, you can use the shift and Standby button to turn the system into hibernate mode. In Windows 7, you can choose the option to hibernate by pointing the shut down option. If the user uses the hibernate option, then the files will be stored into a particular location. When the machine restarts, those files will be taken from the associated folder and restore that in to the original state. This is actually stored as a hidden file in the C: drive. You could restore the files by adjusting the explorer settings. you just need to select the hidden files stored in the system.

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