Installing Bluetooth® In Laptop

What is the usability of Bluetooth in laptops? Discuss the tips to fix the issues with Bluetooth operation in laptops.

Bluetooth refers to wireless technologies that are used for connecting devices without using cables or wires. You can use Bluetooth technology to connect the laptop to different computers or devices. This becomes very useful as you can use the laptop for connectivity features even while traveling. Bluetooth uses a radio frequency of 2.45 GHZ range for transmission. It can provide short distance communication up to 33 feet. It comes integrated with latest laptops. You can also add Bluetooth technology externally to your laptop. You can configure Bluetooth in the system with wireless drivers and configuration utilities included in the laptop. This is to get a more secure and inexpensive communication capability in your system. This technology allows users to connect laptop to external devices like cell phones, gaming controls, digital cameras, personal digital assistants and printers. It is also possible to send or receive information between two laptops via network connection with the help of Bluetooth.

Following are some tips to fix issues with Bluetooth facility in laptops:

  • Fix installation issues

  • Fix security issues

  • Fix notification issue

Fix installation issues

One among the common issues that might crop up while you try to use Bluetooth device in your laptop is the installation issue. You might face the problem of Bluetooth device not being recognized by the system at all. To resolve this issue, you need to access Device Manager from the system first. For this, you need to go to the Start menu and right click on Computer icon and click the Manage and Device Manager. You need to then right click the Computer name icon and select 'Add Legacy hardware' option. A new window will be appeared in which you need to install hardware manually from the list. You can then select 'Bluetooth device and network'. You need to browse and then select 'Driver file for Bluetooth device'. Finally, you need to select 'OK' button to get it installed properly.

Fix notification issue

You may not get the notification for Bluetooth connected in the laptop. Thus you cannot ensure if the Bluetooth is connected or not. To fix this issue, you need to go to Start menu and select 'Control Panel'. You can then select 'Classic view' to get Bluetooth devices window. You can then click the 'Options' tab and select the 'Show the Bluetooth icon' in the notification area'. This will display the Bluetooth notification in laptop.

Fix security issues

Another issue that can cause problem while using Bluetooth in your laptop is security issues. You may get your private data hijacked by other users easily via Bluetooth. To fix this issue, you need to use a strong password in Bluetooth. You need to take care of encrypting the data before you start to transform it via Bluetooth. It is also important to take care of not sending your sensitive data via Bluetooth.

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