How to make Internet connection

Possible causes for Internet connection problems on a laptop

A computer network is a group of systems connected together in such a way that those systems could share data. You could find various types of network; Local Area Network and Wide Area Network. LAN or Local Area Network is a local network connection where as the Wide area connection is for wide network connections. There are also some other classifications such as the client server network which follows a centralized management of the network. In this the client computer send request to the server system and the server executes that request. The client server network can be categorized in to more. In Peer-to-peer network you could not see any centralized management. That means all systems in the same network have equal importance. Each of the users could transmit request to any of the other system and can receive data from any other system.

You could find the various connection issues in laptops as follows:

  • Connectivity issues

  • Duplication of IP address

  • Software issues

Connectivity issues

There might be some problems in connectivity to the Internet if the configurations are not up to the mark. One reason for the connectivity issue may be the router. If the router is not in the proper range, the system could not access the signal and thus the slow connectivity issue occurs. You could fix this issue by changing the location of the router. If the user sends more data at the same time, then the reason for the slow connection will be the overloading. The user could fix this issue by decrease the volume of data send from the system.

Duplication of IP address

For each of the systems in a network, a unique address is needed and that is the unique IP address. This is effective to identify the system uniquely in the network. The spywares present in the system is responsible for this duplication of IP address. The first thing that you need to do to avoid this duplication is to make the system clean. You could do this with the help of any of the powerful antispyware software. If you could not fix this issue with any of the other methods, then the better solution is to change the IP address with the help of the network administrator.

Software issues

The software issues in the system also prevent the network connection in the system. The driver software related to the network devices is responsible for this network issue. if the driver software gets incompatible with the system settings, then you could fix this by upgrade the software. The manufacturer of the system will help you to resolve this issue.

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