Possible causes for problems in Internet connection on a laptop

How to fix problems in Internet connection on a laptop

A laptop can be connected with a Wireless network like Internet with the help of a router.Wireless network is a type of network connection in which the systems are connected with each other through radio signals. The first and the major problem in the wireless network are the issues due to the router. If the routers are not correctly set up with the DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol), the system could not recognize it and thus the network connection will be lost. Sometimes the IP address may be duplicated by some of the wired equivalent privacy. This also results in connection problem. The low signal capacity is the next issue that might occur in the wireless network connection in the Elite Book 8530p system. The issues in the network card are another issue that might happen in the wireless network connection. You have to correct all these issues to get the network connection quickly.

Some of the tips to resolve problems in Internet connection are as follows:

  • Verify the router

  • Check the drivers

  • Remove the nearby magnetic fields

  • Avoid excess load

Verify the router

By correcting the corrupted routers, you could resolve the issue in the wireless network. To fix the router properly, first you need to check whether the connection with protocol is proper. If it is not connected properly, then disable the router and reconnect it. Also check for any intervention with other suspicious devices such as alarm systems, power monitors etc.

Check the drivers

If all the network components such as router is connected properly and the still the network issues, then you need to check the drivers which supports the network components. That means if the drivers are incompatible or they get corrupted by any other issues, then correct all such issues.

Fix the cable issues

The cables connected to the computer for accessing the network may also give trouble. The cable may get damaged and there may occur some connection issues also. You need to replace the cables or the connection is to be fixed properly.

Avoid excess load

The excess load from the user could damage the network connection and thus the connection will lose. This will result in the slow network connection. You could resolve this problem by decreasing the load at the same time and the network connection will be corrected after this.

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