Laptop Backlight

Laptop backlight and its functions.

Laptop backlight is an integral part of a laptop. It is used to illuminate the screen of the laptop from the backside and also from lateral ways. The main function of this backlight includes making the display of the laptop clearer and more soothing to the eyes. Besides, it increases the readability in conditions of low lights. Less expensive and simple laptops are often built without the backlights or in some cases, they contain colored ones. However, for such computers, the readability is decreased and the user requires the aid of external light to use them in low-light conditions. However, white LED backlights are more common and are used in most of the high-quality laptops.

The following points will provide a better understanding of laptop backlight and its functions:

  • Laptop backlight problems due to inverter

  • Types of laptop backlight problems

  • How to solve laptop backlight problems?

Laptop backlight problems due to inverter

Laptop backlight problems are among the most common problems faced by the laptop users. In most of the cases, the illumination of the screen is reduced or is almost gone. In such a situation, it is necessary to first check whether the inverter of the laptop is working properly. This is because; it is often found that the main problem is with the inverter of the laptop and not with the backlight. This is so as the inverters often have lesser life than the laptop backlights. Hence, in such cases, the tube needs repair or replacement.

Types of laptop backlight problems

There can be different types of laptop backlight problems, which the users might face while using a laptop. In many of the cases, the backlight itself does not start. Sometimes, the backlight starts, but it blinks continuously. However, there are also instances when the laptop backlight goes off quite suddenly. In such cases, the screen abruptly turns completely blank and shows nothing at all. All these issues are caused by one or more problems of the laptop backlight.

How to solve laptop backlight problems?

In many of the cases, when the backlight problems occur, the users can try some primary repair methods themselves. For example, one of the major issues in such cases can be that there is some kind of a problem with the battery itself. So, what you can do to solve it is remove the battery and the AC adapter from the laptop. Then, you should press the power switch for about one minute. Then you should try to put it on once again. If it does not help, you can take out the RAM from its slot and try placing it back a bit more tightly at angle of 45 degrees. These are likely to solve the problem for you.

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