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Laptops are a category of personal computers that have been designed for portability. It has been in designed in a way that makes it light enough to be used on a person’s lap. The assembly takes into account the majority of components that are available in a normal desktop PC i.e. display unit, keyboard, pointing device – track pad, speakers, a network interface card and an additional of batteries but compressed into small light weight units. The first portable PC was by IBM® in 1975, the IBM® 5100 followed closely by the Osborne®1. However, the first portable PC to use the flip form factor was released in the 1980s.

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How laptops differ from desktops?

Both the desktop computers and portable PCs are used for data and information processing and have the same hardware features. However, they differ in the following ways. Desktops are capable of holding more RAM capacity than the counterpart portable PC owing to the design that allows for more memory slots to be added. Desktops provide for a wide range of added accessories i.e. additional ports for external linking, more hard disk space for user files, ease of upgrading the microprocessor and adding better graphic adapter cards thus providing for a better performance. This provides an added benefit of preventing the PC from becoming obsolete by continually upgrading on the hardware and software change.

Given the above one might be quick to dismiss the portable computer. There are extra benefits that can be derived from the laptop that a desktop cannot match in a million years. With the change in technology over the recent years, there are super powerful portable PCs than the normal conventional desktop and costs extra dollars to the price of your average house desktop. In addition to this they provide the reliability and ease in which to move your office to wherever you go. A person can work from anywhere i.e. portability and have the job done much faster in less time than a desktop PC.

Portable PCs are light and easy to move around in comparison to the bulky desktops. Recent technologies from Apple® have portable PC designs that can fit in an A4 envelop. When it comes to cost, the average portable PC costs more than the conventional desktop computers.


Laptop is a general term that refers to a group of Personal Computers. They are classified into Notebooks that measure 11” wide, Netbooks measuring 11”, Ultra-thin laptops, and Tablet PC.


Other than portability, spme other benefits offered by laptops are increased productivity i.e. a person can be capable of working in environments that would have otherwise been tough with a normal desktop. In addition instant access anywhere to your portable PC offers the advantage of reliability. Others include Internet connectivity anywhere any time in hot spot zones via Wi-Fi.

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