Graphics Cards for Laptops

Learn all about graphics cards for laptops.

Graphics cards are software that provide for the images on computer screens. There is a large variety of graphics cards in the market and their cost and characteristics vary depending on the type of computer you use (a laptop or a desktop) and your needs. The type of graphics card determines the quality of the image and the price can vary from ¡20 to $2000.

Tips and types of laptop graphic cards are discussed in the following points:

  • Types of graphics cards

  • Laptop graphics cards

  • Desktop graphics cards

  • Recommendations for graphics cards

  • Tips for using graphics cards

Types of graphics cards

The type of graphics card you use depends very much on what you want to do on your computer. If you only want to surf the Internet and do common tasks, the graphics card of the computer is enough. However, if you want to play games or watch movies, you’ll need a high performance graphics cards. The choice of graphics cards also depends on whether you have a laptop or a desktop.

Laptop graphics cards

For the HP® and Compaq laptops, graphic cards can be purchase from the best vendors. For watching movies and viewing picture cards, graphics cards with up to 256MB memory are perfect. For this, you also need an extra video processing power so that the images you view could be more detailed and colorful. Graphics cards of up to 512MB are recommended in case you want to do graphics designing or video editing. In case you want to play 3-D games you must choose high-quality cards with 512MB to 1GB memory.
Desktop graphics cards

The best graphics cards for your desktop are those from ATI and NVDIA®. Beside their high quality, they also have the advantage of being the cheapest cards in the market. The popular brands for ATI are All-in Wonder, Radeon, and Crossfire, and for NVIDIA e are GeForce®, Quadro®, and nForce®.

Desktop computers have the advantage that they allow the user to opt for many accessories and options like the newest speed processor, the newest art sound and graphics cards, and so on, because the space on the desktop is enough. Moreover, the desktop has the ability to get upgraded easily, a benefit seldom found on a laptop.
Recommendations for graphics cards

The type of graphics cards you use depends on your needs, as is the case with any other component of your laptop. A laptop with an ATI or NVIDIA® Dedicated graphics card is the best. The great advantage of a dedicated card is the fact that it has its own RAM (memory), so it doesn’t use laptop resources. Its memory varies from 128MB to 512MB or more. Dedicated cards are faster, they have greater graphics. They are perfect for 3D games and multimedia programs.
Tips for using graphics cards

Even if you don’t need a very powerful graphics card, think ahead and consider the fact that in the next two or three years your needs might change. So, it is better to opt for a high-quality graphics card from the beginning. When you purchase a graphic card, make sure that it is fully compatible with your laptop capabilities. You can’t have a latest generation graphics card if your laptop has low speed and memory.
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