Laptop Keyboard issues

Keyboard issues on the Laptop and troubleshooting problems.

If you use normal desktop keyboards, you can just change them whenever you need to change them. That is the benefit of using a separate kind of hardware for your system. If hardware is starting to fail, you can just replace it. How about if you cannot change them? A laptop keyboard is trickier to address than your regular keyboard. The laptop keyboard is much more delicate unlike your regular ones. Of course, the problems that we experience in using these devices can be addressed at home.

Here are some common issues with the laptop keyboard and how to address them:

  • Keys not working

  • The keys are typing incorrect characters

  • Numbers are being encoded instead of letters

Keys not working

There are many reasons as to why your laptop keyboard does not function or respond well. You could be working it too hard when you are playing games. The laptop keyboard might also be accumulating dirt and making it more difficult to handle. The laptop keyboard might also be lacking in lubrication, making it harder to respond. To address this, you should do a routine checkup and cleaning of your keyboard. If you have been using the laptop for years without cleaning the keyboard, chances are, it has a lot of dirt. You can securely pry the keys. Use a clean cotton swab to remove the dirt. Make sure to take all the dirt away. Use a little bit of lubricant to make the keys more fluid to press. After securing the keys, the laptop keyboard will be functioning well again.

The keys are typing incorrect characters

If the laptop keyboard is encoding incorrect characters, it could mean a software issue than a hardware problem. You might have accidentally pressed a keyboard command function changing the settings. You can change it by going to the control panel and change the key sequence from the key settings. This will make your laptop keyboard working well in no time.

Numbers are being encoded instead of letters

If your laptop keyboard is only encoding numbers, the keyboard could be in number lock. This is very easy to address. All you have to do is press the function key and then the number lock key without taking the fingers off the function key. It will address your problem on your keyboard.

Proper maintenance and usage of your laptop keyboard will ensure that your laptop will last for a long time. If you are afraid of prying the keys out, you can get help from someone who has done it, or a technician.

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